The Very Last Scream Of Light
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Social science: Instead of calling it science though, we should call it what it is: pattern recognition. That's a far better description of what sociologists, historians, geographers, economists and anthropologists actually do.

The text will be central to digital media of the future

"understand the digital reader’s brain, and to get a couple of concrete writing tips for your next digital text." "Nothing can surpass a text when it comes to transforming abstract thoughts into concrete expression."

Why our screens leave us hungry for more nutritious forms of social interaction
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start to understand how we may need to balance social media with other more challenging, but ultimately more satisfying forms of communication

Skills of a great digital designer

Gerry McGovern on skills needed for digital communication people. For example: - choose the right word to drive action; - make it easy finding content allowing users to complete a task quickly; - design for maintenance and evolution; - love metadata, be an information architect. I wished I had all of those.

The department of useless images

One self-experiment we all should try once: To understand this website based on its images.

The Future Crunch 2020 Information Diet

We live in a supercharged attention economy - the internet is a buffet. Keep in mind when we create and how we consume content! What kind of information do we give to our audiences? Junk, or healthy stuff?

Are your customers [audiences] low or high information?

Traditional, mass marketing branding still good for low information type customers. If they’re high information customers, you need to give them the facts and be useful because that’s what they want.

Clear (web) writing - How long should a sentence be?
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Reading long sentences (online), your readers not only don’t know what they’ve read, they also forget where they parked the car. Write short sentences like the Times.

4 steps to communicate anything clearly
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4 Steps to communicate anything clearly, according to a scientist who teaches quantum physics to kids

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