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I’m Mathew Lowry, information architect, communication strategist and founder of MyHub.ai, a platform for people who care about content.

You’re looking at the first Hub created on the MyHub.ai platform, using content I’ve been curating and creating since the early 2000s. MyHub.ai is still in alpha mode - learn more and get your own Hub from the Platform Home Page. Follow its development via everything tagged myhub (rss), connect with me on Mastodon, follow my Medium blog, and contact me & subscribe to my Hub's enewsletter below. I'm also still on but rarely visit Twitter & Linkedin

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Me at a Glance

After a theoretical physics degree in Australia I discovered my first online community on Usenet in 1988 and morphed into a science journalist. My skills in explaining complex, important issues to non-specialists transferred easily to communicating European issues when I arrived in Brussels in 1991.

Since then I’ve picked up 30 years’ experience in developing and implementing communication and digital transformation strategies for organisations as diverse as EU Institutions, venture capital management companies, international research projects and online media start-ups.

Along the way I’ve probably picked up more Firsts and Best Practices in innovative online communications within the EU context than anyone else, including conceiving and launching:

  • first database-driven website by any European public organization (1995);
  • first use of XML in HTML production for EU Institutions (1997);
  • first “web first, paper later” communications platform for European Commission (1998);
  • first Web2.0 online community for European Commission (2002);
  • first “cross-silo” thematic portal, content management system, RSS and customisable XML feed for EU Institutions (2003);
  • most successful EU policy blogging platform (2007), nominated Top 20 ‘euroblogger’ (2010), invited into LinkedIn’s blogging programme pilot phase (March 2014);
  • first and second uses of semantic technologies in EC communications (2009, 2011);
  • first site built on the EC’s pilot Drupal ‘Multi-site’ CMS platform (2012);
  • pioneered 'policylayer' architecture and 'two-layer', VocBench-supported taxonomic architecture for cross-EC ‘Knowledge4Policy’ knowledge management platform for evidence-based policymaking (2016-)

All team efforts, of course: I generally conceive the strategy, write the specifications and manage the technical build, and often manage editorial, content marketing and promotion efforts. I don’t design or code, but work very well with those who do.

Key Services

My Service Pages provide more detail on my key services, and also curate relevant Stuff I Like, Think and Do from around the web:

And on the topic of talking about myself, enjoy my birthday present to myself in 2015: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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