How To Price Projects And Manage Scope Creep
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Scoping, estimating, and running digital projects can often feel like an exercise in futility. In this article, Paul Boag explains why you need to start breaking your projects down into manageable phases and why that’s the best way to achieve significant benefits.

How to meet readers where they are (when where they are is offline)
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Traffic to news sites through social media has dropped in recent years, and over half of adults over 65 don’t use social media at all. We wanted to build a way to get The City’s service journalism to New Yorkers who wouldn’t otherwise see it.

Stop Emailing and Use the Damn Phone (Please)
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Here’s what I hear: “I can’t get ahold of this person” or “They’re not responding to me.” What’s not being said: “Because all I’ve done is emailed them.”

Communication not Decoration (UX Slogan #4, video)

Users visit websites and use apps to get things done, so emphasize the content of interest to communicate with your audience. Avoid design pollution that decorates the UI with non-communicative elements.

Common Ground and UX
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Any efficient communication requires that communication partners establish and rely on common ground so that they can take communication shortcuts.

Scientists need to become better communicators, but it’s hard to measure whether training works
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The authors of the article "wanted to know more about what really helps scientists talk to the public". Science is essential to solving many of society’s biggest problems, but it doesn’t always find a receptive audience. Today, when curbing COVID-19 ... it’s more urgent than ever for scientists to be able to communicate effectively with the public.

How to Collaborate in a Distributed Team
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The biggest challenge for distributed teams lies in communication and collaboration.

The Future Crunch 2020 Information Diet

We live in a supercharged attention economy - the internet is a buffet. Keep in mind when we create and how we consume content! What kind of information do we give to our audiences? Junk, or healthy stuff?

Are your customers [audiences] low or high information?

Traditional, mass marketing branding still good for low information type customers. If they’re high information customers, you need to give them the facts and be useful because that’s what they want.

4 steps to communicate anything clearly
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4 Steps to communicate anything clearly, according to a scientist who teaches quantum physics to kids

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