Navigating the Web with Text vs. GUI Browsers: AI UX Is 1992 All Over Again
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For its first two years, the web was a text-only medium with a command-line user interface similar to the UI for current generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Only after GUI browsers launched in 1993 did the web explode. AI needs a similar GUI revolution in usability.

Accordion Editing and Apple Picking: Early Generative-AI User Behaviors
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Two new user behaviors are prevalent in interactions with text-based AI chatbots. User research shows the iterative and often complex ways users engage with AI tools for productivity.

How to improve your ChatGPT prompts and responses
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It's like learning a new language - kind of.

All ChatGPT Prompts in 1 Article
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It’s not about learning a fixed number of prompts; it’s about mastering the art of creating well-structured, clear, and specific prompts that cater to your unique needs and interests. With the help of refining your prompt crafting skills, you can ensure that your interactions with ChatGPT consistently produce the best possible outcomes.

Use AI to Enhance My UX Design Process
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Chat GPT to brainstorm ideas, write document outlines, compose tweets, make my emails friendlier, and much more. Recently, I even used it to suggest a possible information architecture based on the site content I provided.

ChatGPT (test): 500 word article on UX

Chat task; Write a 500 word article about user experience


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