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This is my collection of (mostly) curated sources and written posts around content writing, content design, user experience (UX), and usability research.

About me:

From military police to wordsmith: Swapping the sword with the pen, simplifying complexities using words.

Starting my journey in the military police, I now specialise in content writing, content design and content strategy.

Words are my passion, and I use them to make a difference. Composing clear, engaging content has always fueled my ambition and brings me genuine joy and happiness. I see language as a powerful tool to connect with people in meaningful ways. Whether it's raising awareness, promoting values, or building brand trust.

My approach - attention is earned

Simone Weil said, "Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity." This quote motivates my approach: I believe in earning people’s attention through clear, honest communication.

My purpose is to deliver accurate, inclusive, and transparent content. Tailored to real people’s needs and contexts, it stands out from the clutter and resonates with them.

My key tool - writing with clarity

I live by Hemingway's mantra, "Easy writing makes hard reading". Though I’d use Hawthorne and Angelou's words: "Easy reading is damn hard writing." These quotes guide my work. Crafting clear, accessible and cohesive content requires meticulous effort. That's why I pay attention to detail, ensuring every sentence is crystal clear and information flows seamlessly. This user-centric approach is the foundation of my writing. It's not just about getting words on paper; it's about connecting with people in a meaningful way. I'm crafting content to simplify how people get information and interact with web and apps.

My values

I value loyalty, responsibility, reliability, and integrity. I am guided by a deep respect for people. I respect diverse perspectives and strive to understand people's goals.

My journey so far

My career has evolved with twists and turns. It hasn't followed a traditional trajectory. It let me refine my skills and find my passion for content creation. Diverse experiences challenged me and shaped who I am today. They let me build my skills and perspectives. They also demanded adaptability and resourcefulness.

Serving as a military police sergeant at a NATO headquarters, I honed my discipline and leadership skills. Working in communications for a non-profit organisation started my post university career. I then shifted to press and PR for an EU military operation. There, I learned to write under pressure. Finally I settled into the dynamic role as editor and website manager for the European Commission. In these political and science communication roles, I refined my writing skills and developed a keen understanding of user needs.

There is one constant: my passion for clear, impactful communication. Tired of jargon and convoluted sentences, I found my calling in content writing and content design. I craft user-friendly content, champion accessibility, and conduct user research.

My contributions and achievements

Throughout my career, I have initiated and led impactful projects and achieved significant milestones. From relaunching corporate websites to setting up coaching sessions for content creators, I have demonstrated leadership and expertise in web management, content design and strategy, as well as user experience.

Content design & strategy

  • Led the complete relaunch of websites for various organisations, including content inventory, ROT analysis, content migration, new site architecture and taxonomy, creating a content strategy and work flows for content creation, advocating and implementing new style guides.

Writing & editing

  • Coached and supported content creators on best practices for copywriting, usability, and SEO.
  • Advised management on website content strategy and style guides.
  • Crafted online content, press releases, articles, and speeches for diverse audiences.

Leadership & Collaboration

  • Proven ability to lead teams, provide training, and foster collaboration across diverse departments.
  • Experience in problem-solving with cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams (including e.g. developers, designers, social media experts, political and legal advisors, and scientists).
  • Proven track-record in stakeholder management.

My continuous growth and learning

In every opportunity and setting, I've actively invested in personal growth and learning, embodying a lifelong learner mentality.

  • The course Perception and Memory in HCI and UX showed me that understanding how our senses work is crucial for designing a great user experience.
  • Professional certifications in Content Design and UX Design demonstrate my commitment to creating user-centric content.
  • Business Writing and Storytelling course work equips me to craft clear, compelling communication across diverse formats.
  • Certification as an International Public Affairs Officer underscores my ability to navigate complex communication landscapes.
  • Various soft skill training in collaboration, leadership, and non-violent communication represent my drive for self-improvement and effective interaction.

This combination of expertise and learning agility allows me to adapt, contribute, and thrive in various settings.

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