Using Fitts's Law to Make Links and Buttons Easier to Click
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Fitts's Law describes how long time it takes to click a target, based on the distance to the target and its size. Use this information to make buttons and links faster to click.

Why 5 Participants Are Okay in a Qualitative Study, but Not in a Quantitative One
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Qualitative usability testing aims to identify issues in an interface, while quantitative usability testing is meant to provide metrics that capture the behavior of your whole user population.

Feature Checklists Are Not Enough: How to Avoid Making Bad Software
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A good design relies on a thorough task analysis of the steps required to complete a task, as well as determining what information users need at each step.

How to measure design impact
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there are many straightforward methods and strategies for measuring design impact. Two areas I recently combined while exploring the design impact at Gem—where we're building the source of truth for top-of-funnel recruiting—are top tasks and PURE (Pragmatic Usability Ratings by Experts). Here's how I did it.

Cognitive Bias and the Design Process
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This article explores a few cognitive biases I’ve experienced first-hand as well as strategies for mitigating their influence.

Do not track

As designers, as creators and managers of websites and apps, we can start by focusing on two principles: Do not track Delete

Left-Side Vertical Navigation on Desktop: Scalable, Responsive, and Easy to Scan
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Vertical navigation is a good fit for broad or growing IAs, but takes up more space than horizontal navigation. Ensure that it is left-aligned, keyword front-loaded, and visible.

It Is All About the Content, Stupid!
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Probably my biggest frustrations ... is the utter contempt they seem to hold content in. ... they won’t hire a professional copywriter to work on the content ... never teach content creators how to create appropriate web content.

Change has become an excuse for lazy design

We must design things on the basis that we want them to last, ... Because when you expect nothing to last, nothing does.

Visual Hierarchy in UX: Definition
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A clear visual hierarchy guides the eye to the most important elements on the page. It can be created through variations in color and contrast, scale, and grouping.

Maintain Consistency and Adhere to Standards (Usability Heuristic #4)
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Users should not have to wonder whether different words, situations, or actions mean the same thing. Follow platform and industry conventions.

10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design
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Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design. They are called "heuristics" because they are broad rules of thumb and not specific usability guidelines.

The Laws of Simplicity

Law 1 / Reduce - The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.Law 2 / Organize - Organization makes a system of many appear fewer.Law 3 / Time - Savings in time feel like simplicity.Law 4 / Learn - Knowledge makes everything simpler.Law 5 / Differences - Simplicity and complexity need each other.Law 6 / Context - What lie…

Why whitespace matters
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"Designers love it, website owners want to fill it. Whitespace seems to be one of the most controversial aspects of design. Why then is it so important and how can we ensure it is maintained?"

Similarity Principle in Visual Design
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Summary: Design elements that appear similar in some way — sharing the same color, shape, or size — are perceived as related, while elements that appear dissimilar are perceived as belonging to separate groups.

The 3-Click Rule for Navigation Is False
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"While it is important to keep key information easily accessible, the 3-click rule is an arbitrary rule of thumb that is not backed by data."

The need for web design standards - why the corporate design makes sense
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Good evidence why coming up with ever new, more "beautiful", "attractive" and trendy designs that "pop" is not always a good thing.

A link is a promise - Creating clear menus and links

"A link is a promise. A menu is a selection of promises. Without the link there is no Web."

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