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A link is a promise - Creating clear menus and links

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Creating clear menus and links

"Links make the Web.
From links we build the Web.
So often forgotten in the design process. So often neglected."


"The vast majority of websites and apps do not need AI to help people find things.
They instead need to create a classification and navigation that have been carefully thought about and designed."
“Improve your menus and links and you will get a 10 times greater return than implementing an AI system.”

Words matter

"Words. Digital is still the design of words. Words.
Should we use “infection hotspots”, “clusters”, or “exposures”?
Or should we use all of those words in a link? Would it be important to add “near me”?
Some people think these are trivial, inconsequential questions.
They’re not.
They’re at the absolute core of designing a great digital experience."

Websites fail because of confusing menus and links

"[...] the number one reason for failure is confusing menus and links.
[...] to design truly clear menus and links ... requires a lot of intense effort over a prolonged period.
It requires a deep and intense involvement in the design process by the people who are supposed to use these menus and links.
It requires judging success based on whether people are successful or not in using the links to help them find what they are looking for."

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