The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI
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Starts with articulating I've been meaning to write for many years about the oncoming AI-driven content flood: "The dark forest theory of the web: ... life-like but life-less state of being online... overrun with bots, advertisers, trolls, data scrapers, clickbait... algorithmically manipulated junk... eerily devoid of human life ... liv…

Even LinkedIn Is Overrun by Influencers | Index
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This article absolutely nails why I can't stand LinkedIn anymore, describing the site as completely performative, and the "LinkedIn newsfeed ... as a vast wasteland... almost entirely filled with marketing gurus, salespeople talking sales, and recruiters and “career coaches” offering the same job search tips over and over".Why? Beca…

Feeling Stuck on Twitter and Facebook? So Is Everyone Else. - The New York Times
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Common complaints about social media platforms "sound contradictory. They’re:accelerators for extremism that simultaneously uphold suffocating consensuswastes of attention and should play a smaller role in people’s lives; however, they also need to be improved, refined and purged of bad actors, advanced surveillance machines ... routinely s…

Generate free LinkedIn business leads (The one coffee method) - Marc Stoiber Brand Strategy
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A fairly simple, free routine that’s enabled me to market myself on LinkedIn with surprisingly good results. It worked for me, it might work for you.

Microsoft's LinkedIn Strategy Leaked! Game-Changing Social AI Revealed. | Tony J. Hughes | Pulse | LinkedIn

An obvious synergy is the extension of Microsoft's CRM integration with LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to blur the boundaries of traditional CRM and the 'top of funnel research database, referral generator, and engagement tool' that is Sales Navigator.

FIVE new LinkedIn tips
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Does what it says on the tin.Prospect Commonality: ‘View recent activity’ on a connection's profile page "will show you what is hot topic for this prospect, what pain points they are suffering from, what’s getting them excited and what opportunities they are discussing"Hiding your connections: " Your competitor’s profiles are f…

4 charts: The state of publisher referral traffic from LinkedIn
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Referral traffic to publishers from LinkedIn ... has been on a steady uptick... In January, publishers saw traffic to their sites from LinkedIn explode, in some cases tripling...puts LinkedIn into the top-10 referrers of the web... Publishers are now in a better position to make decisions on LinkedIn editorial strategy... a very particular traffi…

A ‘view’ on a LinkedIn post is NOT like a pageview on your blog
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Just putting this up there for all those who think:a) a ‘view’ on a LinkedIn post is like a pageview on your blog or site. It’s not: it’s a ‘stream view’, a la Facebook, and does not tell you how many people actually clicked and readb) LinkedIn are consistent and care about their bloggers. They aren’t and they don’tMore: see LinkedIn Community for…

Before you Repost it, ReThink It
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Reposting your blog on LinkedIn and Medium is a no-brainer. Which is precisely the problem - it takes no brains.

Arrogant Control Is Not Leadership... On Social Media or Anywhere Else

in the first quarter of 2015, I began to notice fewer and fewer publishing notices from my connections and those whom I  followed; and I could tell that my connections and followers were receiving fewer and fewer notices about mine. - Arrogant Control Is Not Leadership... On Social Media or Anywhere Else | PHIL FRIEDMAN | LinkedIn

7 Key LinkedIn Stats: When to Post, What to Post & How to Improve
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LinkedIn is the third-fastest-growing social network... several stats and tidbits that can help you improve your LinkedIn marketing and engage with your followers: - 7 Key LinkedIn Stats: When to Post, What to Post & How to Improve

Platforms, distribution and audience

Blogging has never been easier but getting read has never been harder... The problem isn't freedom or openness but distribution... you might post it on Facebook or Google Plus. Your friends might see it ... (though this is largely random) and they might share it ... You might post it on LinkedIn and your network might see it ... and LinkedIn migh…

Did LinkedIn go Klout on us?

Daily I now see posts published authors on LinkedIn that praise the value of finding out your "SSI". . .. while at the same time gently but not so quietly promoting what their score is... I believe the "one percenters" tag is entirely relative since each of have a completely different network from anyone else in the world. - Did LinkedIn go …

LinkedIn Starts Building a Syndicated Content Network
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"LinkedIn is emailing the 500 people it calls its “Influencers” and asking them for permission to automatically hand their stuff to other sites that want to republish it in full.... Influencers get more distribution for their names and ideas... LinkedIn gets to advertise LinkedIn... letter to Influencers asks for permission to translate their p…

Why every blog post should be crossposted to LinkedIn and Medium
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While most the activity on LinkedIn occurred within the first 24 hours after posting, Medium was more of a slow burn... led to shares from outside networks. Of the 1,500 views of my article, 500 came from Facebook, 400 from email, and nearly 300 from Twitter... For years, we’ve been warned away from such tactics... in a world in which Facebook …

We Analyzed the Top 1,000 Posts On LinkedIn

LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rates compared to Facebook and Twitter, where leads were almost three times higher to convert than Facebook or Twitter. To perform this analysis, we collected one of the largest datasets of top performing long-form content across the LinkedIn Pulse network. This is what we found.... .…

Elevate: LinkedIn's new App
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"... suggests articles to its users ... and then lets users schedule and share those links across LinkedIn and Twitter... [aimed at] marketing professionals... with story suggestions letting them stay active even when they have no links of their own to share, and analytics ... create specific topic areas to track ... also coopting a company’s la…

What is Employee Engagement?

"the biggest impact on competitive advantage comes not from products, processes or technology, but empowered employees. And with the lines between Internal and External Communication becoming increasingly blurred, ensuring your people are engaged and empowered has never been more critical.... Leading Internal Communication teams are already bla…

Good example of continuous web redesign

"The Guardian released a beta version of its new website to get reader feedback as it continues to tweak its design.... Content discovery is a major focus ... “container model” allows the paper to implement a responsive design while also retaining a story hierarchy, user experience director... Each item contains a story, which are put together…

"Why I Just Quit Facebook"

Unsurprising that LinkedIn promoted this post.... the comments rapidly turned into an interesting conversation on Linkedin v. Facebook... people seem to comment more on LinkedIn posts than elsewhere. Perhaps the return of blogging that people are starting to talk about is next.

Inside the HBR Newsroom
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Beat this: "Each day, HBR.org publish five to seven pieces of top-notch content with a staff of fewer than 10 full-time digital editors and no full-time writers ... four million unique visitors every month." What really stood out for me was how they get the "expert take", using the Content Partnership model I used when trying to decentralise com…

Just don’t call it a blog
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"Because blogging isn’t new and hip, many people dismiss this form of content as less effective.... Blogging is a great front door for any individual or organization because it is real estate that you can own.... Contrast that with social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and G+. All are good, but you will never own your real estate the…

Airing internal problems publicly

"Continuing its tradition of airing its internal discussions outside the office, the staff at Jezebel today called out the higher-ups at parent Gawker Media today over some pretty disgusting trolling at the site." I wonder how much more loyalty Jezebel's community feel for the site because they air their internal problems so publicly? I wonder ho…

3 TED Talks on Storytelling
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Apart from 3 good videos to watch, a good example of content curation... "We have all heard (ad nauseam) about the “power of brand storytelling,” and I know that I have read more than one blog that spits off a numeric list of tips that I just “can’t live without” as a content marketer..." - 3 TED Talks That Uncover the Secrets of Storytelling | …

LinkedIn: Amateurish tools for professional blogging

LinkedIn lost my last post, so I expect that this will be my last post there. Apart from announcing that, the post also sets out some of the other problems I’ve discovered with LinkedIn’s attempt to become a blogging platform.I’m not predicting their failure - as my first post pointed out, the concept has huge inbuilt advantages. But any system wh…

Just discovered Nautilus - awesome science longreads
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Fascinating article in Issue 14 (theme: Evolution): "It is a case of convergent evolution—where different species separately developed similar biological adaptations when faced with the same environmental pressures. Salamanders are Wake’s go-to example when asked a decades-old question in evolutionary biology: If you could replay the “tape of lif…

Is that Gallup'Report 'Deeply Flawed'?
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"Gallup's State of the American Consumer ... appears flawed on multiple levels... based on surveys performed back in December 2012 and January 2013... a virtual lifetime ago... [moreover] "You don't poll consumers whether advertisements or marketing make them buy stuff. People will always say, 'No, I am not influenced... It's not an objective in…

Rethink your workday in cycles
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Excellent article. Would implement it all if I wasn't so busy ;) "How many hours we work every day is barely important any more in today’s creative economy. Instead, “Manage your energy, not your time ... we have 4 different types of energies to manage every day: - physical energy – how healthy are you? - emotional energy – how happy are you? - …

Surround Storytelling

"steering the storyline between a brand and its consumers must create programs that remember the code, deploy many different types of content at the correct time and inject humanity and purpose into every story..."

NYT, WaPo & Mozilla building opensource audience engagement platform

Good example of CMS innovations emerging from newsrooms - wish I'd added to my recent weekly LinkedIn tour: "a multi-faceted piece of newsroom infrastructure, a set of building blocks that will allow organizations to turn on or turn off various engagement features with relative ease ... a bunch of parts that you can assemble and reassemble ... …

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