The Benefits of Framing Culture as a Management System
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despite all the talk about culture, many business leaders remain confused... organizational culture is “the shared basic assumptions, values, and beliefs... taught to newcomers as the proper way to think and feel...think of culture as a management system... makes the idea much more concrete...staff... make all sorts of decisions every day ... in a…

'Collaboration' Creates Mediocrity, Not Excellence, According to Science |
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what's usually meant by "collaboration" is 1) plenty of ad-hoc meetings and 2) open-plan offices that increase the likelihood that such meetings take place... open-plan offices... are productivity sinkholes... collaboration tends to penalize the competent who end up doing most of the work. A recent study published in Applied Psychology has now co…

The way we work doesn’t work, anymore

employees have little faith in their leadership:22% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization has a clear direction for the organization.15% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization makes them enthusiastic about the future.13% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization communicat…

Innovisor The How - Innovisor
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it only takes few weeks before you receive a full diagnostic report providing you with new levers to accelerate the development of your organization. Your employees invest less than 10 minutes completing a user-friendly questionnaire that they can do from their work or home computer, tablet or smartphone – we will do the rest.

Life after the engagement survey: a conversation in Rotterdam | Changing The Terms
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at #EuroComm16... “Beyond Engagement.”... how uncoupling the IC function from a focus on Employee Engagement survey scores could have a liberating effect on the function and the profession, and potentially on employees and their enterprises as well... We weren’t here to praise the Employee Engagement Survey. We were here to bury it... In giving …

My EuroComm2016 Rapido on the Future of Communications
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What happened when I was invited to “do a Rápido” at the IABC’s conference in Rotterdam earlier this week

Employee Engagement Isn't Getting Better

growth in engagement has remained flat for most of 2015 – and we’ve seen little more than a two-point increase over the past two and one-half years... Engagement Largely Comes Down To Whether People Have A Manager Who Cares About Them, Grows Them And Appreciates Them - Employee Engagement Isn't Getting Better And Gallup Shares The Surprising Re…

Better compare equally qualified candidates
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Gallup discovered 82% of hiring processes didn't pick the person with the right talent ... Add the wrong person into your employee mix ... and you could be looking at the cause of 80% of your turnovers. - 4 questions managers ask to better compare equally qualified candidates

CEOs are often the last to know
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"nobody tells you anything when it comes to bubbling-up abuse from the trenches. It’s completely unrealistic to expect someone five levels deep in the bowels of the organization to reach out to the fifth-richest man in the world and trouble him ... It doesn’t matter how many invitations to open doors... you extend, it’s just not going to happen. …

Five Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away
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“The only way you can keep great employees in the company is by treating them like great employees.... Here are five truly idiotic HR policies that will keep your best employees racing for the exits the minute they get the chance — and keep you re-filling the same positions over and over:" Five Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away, F…

Bosses Use Anonymous Networks to Learn What Workers Really Think
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"... management has become so obsessed with the “engagement” of its staff that it now places more importance on it than sales... [because] the components of engagement—employee happiness and commitment to the business—are exactly what drive sales, and therefore the bottom line... the key to this new breed of internal-communications tools... is …

7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Interns
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Good management and approach can make a real difference. Since it's the company's job to manage interns well, here are seven tips will help you get the most out of your summer interns. - 7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Interns |

Developing Employees Who Think for Themselves
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"If organizations want to enable workers to bring not only their hands but also their heads to work, then jobs need to be redesigned to give people ownership of (1) how they perform tasks, (2) their identity, and (3) their time.... managers complain that their employees don’t think for themselves. Yet ... punish their subordinates for failing …

Want to Be Happier and More Productive at Work?
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"If employees ... were happier in their workplaces, they also tended to work in business units with higher levels of productivity, profit, retention, and customer satisfaction. This shows a link between how employees feel and how they perform. Are you a manager who wants to create a happier and more productive work environment? Are you a job se…

Teamwork + Creativity = Engagement
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"companies are hungry to build employee engagement. At the same time, managers struggle to figure out what works and are reluctant to hand over any autonomy...talent management processes often enforce conformity, legitimize mediocrity and penalize failed attempts at innovative thinking. four Deloitte LLP offices in India... initiated a contest. E…

Remote workers are more engaged?

"There has been a strong increase in the proportion of workers that are disengaged in the past five years, perhaps doubling ... the costs of this disengagement can be very high... remote workers - those that work somewhere other than where their boss works - are more engaged.... when workers are remote, the leader's behaviors change, and that .…

Why are disengaged employees disengaged?
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" the 3D Workforce: Distributed, Decentralized, and Discontinuous... is really a 4D workforce, however, because these is a fourth factor: Disengagement." Good overview of some recent research, with some conclusions such as: " companies become more fast and loose with the transition to social business models of operations, employee engag…

Employee Engagement and Company Growth
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"Companies on Fortune’s “100 best companies to work for” list returned 14%/year on their stock compared to 6% for the average company... The Workplace Fund ... investing only in companies that have outstanding workplaces. It’s had a 9.63% return since its inception in April 2005, compared with the S&P 5.58% over the same period... Gallup resea…

Relationship Economics
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"Relationship Economics - how communication & engagement helps business grow relationships with employees and customers to improve their bottom line." Relationship Economics - YouTube

10 Reasons Your Company is Creating a Culture of Mediocrity

"The future of work is screwed. It's being built upon a foundation of legacy thinking and outdated value systems. Instead, the future of work should start with a reboot in company culture and employee engagement." The 10 reasons are both cutting and funny and worth a read. To dig deeper, there's even a free report, summarised in text & video. K…

Why every employee must be engaged
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Fairly typical piece on integrating social media into organisations to improve customer service, employee productivity and sales. These points have been made before, but this article brings them together well and provides plenty of links to the underlying research, which makes it useful if you need to supporting arguments for change management. -…

HR for the Connected Enterprise
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"the basics of human resources management goals and practices have remained little changed, philosophically and practically.... The main metaphor today’s HR professionals live in is still a machine with its designed-and-fitted parts and cogs, as opposed to the ‘living’ system of social networks in which people participate and interact... Let’s …

Make Your Employees Happier: Stretch Them
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"Instead of trying to make them happy, ask them to do something hard... @the opportunity to use skills and abilities” has displaced “job security” as the top driver of satisfaction, and it consistently ranks among the top two... Employees don’t just want their skills used; they want them stretched.... Respondents ... started to feel stale after o…

Does employee engagement reinforce or create success?
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"So, does engagement actually cause higher performance, or are high-performing employees just more engaged?... In one of the few robust studies to examine this issue, Ben Schneider and colleagues mined archival engagement and performance data for several Fortune 100 companies. " - To Motivate Employees, Help Them Do Their Jobs Better

Growth = Developers without Project Managers, email or meetings?
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"We couldn't understand why people without technical knowledge had to tell programmers "what" to do and, furthermore, they had to supervise "how" programmers did it." At last. Someone said it. And also quite a bit more about the timesucks that are meetings, email and commuting. These guys avoid all of them, work 4 days/week and are growing …

What is Employee Engagement?

"the biggest impact on competitive advantage comes not from products, processes or technology, but empowered employees. And with the lines between Internal and External Communication becoming increasingly blurred, ensuring your people are engaged and empowered has never been more critical.... Leading Internal Communication teams are already bla…

"outside experts: pixie dust and rainbows"

A whole bunch of reasons why the wrong consultants are hired for the wrong reasons: "When we don’t know much about somebody, we ... think about people in over-optimistic ways...what normal individual can stand up against an outsider or expert made up of pixie dust and rainbows? ... when we go looking for a better expert ... we tend to find them…

Intrapreneurs, Innovation & Employee engagement

A good framework from @briansolis: "how do you innovate or take chances when the management imperative dictates an invulnerable stance? It starts with business goals and objectives. It's brought to life through a culture of intrapreneurialism and employee empowerment.... Intrapreneurialism ... promotes creativity, imagination and experimenta…

Innovation: management and culture (TumblrHub last week, part 1)

'Innovation' threaded its way through a lot of the resources added to my TumblrHub last week: from innovation-friendly management through to innovative Content Management Systems for tomorrow's newsmedia business models and personal productivity tools.

Employee Satisfaction Doesn't Matter

"Employees don't want to be "satisfied" as much as they want to be engaged. What they want most is a great boss who cares about their development, and a company that focuses on and develops their strengths." - Employee Satisfaction Doesn't Matter | LinkedIn

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