The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral | Hapgood

I suspect this will be a canonical text for me moving forward with myhub.ai.Mike Caulfield in 2015, when my first hub was only about 2 years old, had also "been experimenting with another form of social media called federated wiki... instead of blogging and tweeting your experience you wiki’d it. And over time the wiki became a representation…

Now it’s easier to tailor Flipboard to your interests
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Another example of topic-based aggregation being better at avoiding the toxic effects of a socially-based newsfeed (cf Reddit).Flipboard's new feature lets them quickly specify the subjects they care most about from among its 30,000-plus topics... "Flipboard uses AI to classify the articles and videos it’s aggregating and weave them into…


The first step in personal knowledge management is capturing ideas outside of your head... ideal quick capture tool is frictionless and easy to adopt without disrupting your flow. Eloquent is a tool developed for learners and knowledge workers to seamlessly capture information in-context and connect it to their knowledge bases.

Post-Alpha Feature: Simplifying Zettelkasten by working out loud
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What did I learn about learning as I explored using Zettelkasten idea and knowledge management to write five newsletters about disinformation in the 2020 US elections?

Praxis is Joining the Everything Bundle - Forte Labs

make every minute you spend consuming information much, much more valuable... much ... online content ... awful. Driven by clickbait, optimized for maximum distraction... lowest common denominator, it only added to people’s confusion ... in ... productivity, performance, and personal effectiveness... lots of gems ... buried beneath an avalanche of…

FAQ: My Hub's been created. How do I get started?
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In 7 minutes you'll learn how to get your password, edit your about page and use the bookmarklet to start curating content to your Hub.

Imagining new MyHub.ai features as the pilot Hubs launch
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This month sees the first generation of Hubs (other than mine) go live, so it’s time to imagine what comes next: AI integration? Filter-bubble Piercers? HubBots? Factcheck-driven credibility scores?

These disinformation researchers saw the coronavirus 'infodemic' coming
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For a handful of disinformation researchers, the information crisis that has unfolded around the coronavirus pandemic seemed inevitable... get a sense of what we should be watching for and what the internet might look like after the virus has passed...Joan Donovan... coined "strategic silence," editorial discretion ... notion that users…

The most important technology critic in the world was tired of knowledge based on clicks. So he built an antidote - The Correspondent
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The Syllabus collects the best articles, podcasts and videos about the political, economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on a daily basis...world’s foremost technology critic... scans 100 pages per minute, 12 books in an hour, 100 in one day... can determine the relevance of every book in the world... all information and know…

This thread summarizes the major-media investigative reporting on the TRUMP-CHINA SCANDAL
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thread summarizes ... reporting on the TRUMP-CHINA SCANDAL, a bribery scandal involving Trump's hunt for dirt on Joe Biden in China, his debts to the Chinese government, and his decision to ignore life-saving COVID-19 intel...the Trump-Russia scandal was at its heart a *bribery* scandal... Trump-Ukraine scandal was another bribery scandal... …

Move Over Influencers, Here Come Curators - Ana Andjelic - Medium
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indie bookstores are thriving. The keyword is curation: by default... local and community-oriented... know the taste ... mood of the neighborhood... a good model for the modern aspiration economy...having taste to know what to buy... human curation... differentiator in fashion, food, travel, wellness, design, and an important value-add for tech pl…

FAQ: How is MyHub.ai free and without ads? What is your business model?
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MyHub is an ad-free, manipulation-free zone. Your privacy is 100% safe. How?

The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps | Praxis
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the same person who spends 127 hours per year on Instagram... has “no time” for reading... the ability to read is becoming a source of competitive advantage... the physical, emotional, attentional, and mental capability to sit quietly and direct focused attention for sustained periods of time...terms ADD and ADHD are falling out of use ... the ent…

Memex by worldbrain.io
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A privacy focused extension to annotate, search and organize what you've seen online.

How Medium’s Curation, Distribution and Paywall Systems Work for Writers
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We don’t charge for hosting, we never put ads on your content or share your data, and we will only put your story behind the Medium paywall if you choose to take advantage of Medium distribution beyond your followers.... We recommend stories to millions of Medium readers every day on our personalized home page, in our email digests, and in our mob…

Compass News: How we built an AI editor that makes young people smarter, quicker.
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We’ve spent 18 months training an AI editor... shadow the curation performed by professional journalists on a gigantic range of topics... it now works independently.... your own personal journalist on hand at all times, ready to explain what’s going on in the world... real-time updates on important headlines, explained in the most succinct way po…

Should we consider fake news another form of (not particularly effective) political persuasion — or something more dangerous? » Nieman Journalism Lab

What if “persuadability” isn’t the right metric to look at? ... Information warfare expert Molly McKew, who specializes in U.S.–Russia relations... "There aren’t good tools to evaluate the impact of shadow campaigns... Information and psychological operations ... are not just about information, but about changing behavior... of more than 36,000 …

Why publishers should consider the “Smart Curation” market
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One of the applications of The News Quality Scoring platform I’m currently working at the John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford is to foster curation processes, using a feature I call “Smart Curation.”... relies on current machine learning techniques... like Word2vec or, GloVe ... used in the development of the News Quality Scoring Project

Building Credibility Indexes from Fact-Checking to #TackleFakeNews
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Fake News is suddenly on the boil in the Brussels Bubble. Here are some ideas I brainstormed earlier this week. Comments welcome.

Defining Aggregators
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Aggregation Theory describes how platforms (i.e. aggregators) come to dominate the industries in which they compete in a systematic and predictable way.... how value has shifted away from companies that control the distribution of scarce resources to those that control demand for abundant ones; the purpose of this article is to catalog exactly wha…

This project aims to “de-flatten” digital publishing by matching the best content with premium ads » Nieman Journalism Lab

News Quality Scoring Project ... humans and algorithm to separate “commodity news” from “value-added news” ... based on quantifiable and qualitative signals — like word count, freshness versus evergreen material, quote density, contextualization, and the presence of a byline... human/machine, subjective/objective hybrid as the still-under-constru…

The new Medium still hasn’t solved human nature – ART + marketing
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I have an obvious incentive to get claps: pretty decent money. ... I can write more polarized headlines... on polarizing topics. I can piggy back on the hot news of the day... write things I don’t actually believe using incendiary language ... Medium has safeguards ... a team of curators ... a policy against abuse that it actually enforces... a t…

The Key Benefits of Content Curation
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Although curation can save very significant time to those who benefit from it, it positively does not save any time at all to the curators who exercise it. It does to those who benefit from it... it requires the author to find, vet/verify, organize high quality information from multiple sources, and to add value and perspective ... What follows is…

Why you need a Personal Content Strategy
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Whether you read, curate or create, you need to manage the content that matters to you if you want to extract maximum benefit from it.

Where is the Web Going?

The next stage of the web is the Curated Web... create massive opportunities for entrepreneurs who see the trend... characterized by a fundamentally different value to users than the social web... Web 1.0 was characterized by content published from one-to-many and social media was about easily creating and sharing content, from many-to-many, the c…

Google’s brave new friendless feed
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Instead of having to look at what weird things other people are interested in... Google shows me the weird things I’m interested in... a fundamental shift in content consumption from curation based on our explicit choices to curation based on our implicit preferences mined from past behavior.

How to cover pols who lie, and why facts don’t always change minds: Updates from the fake-news world

Several contributors suggested that different media organizations could come together both on a reporting level and on a broader level. There’s the idea for a “‘pooled’ White House new dashboard,” “a new kind of aggregation site for specific topics.”

Boosting CuratorBots with faceted search
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Building a good CuratorBot required no coding skills. But a great CuratorBot needs faceted search. Can it be done without programming? - second instalment of Adventures of a non-Coder in the World of Chatbots…

Add a CuratorBot to your content strategy: How and Why
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For content curators, adding a CuratorBot on Facebook Messenger is a no-brainer. The alpha testing launched in late December was useful, resulting in a whole bunch of tweaks, as described in this post for Chatbot Magazine.

How And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book” | RyanHoliday.netHow And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book” - RyanHoliday.net
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A commonplace book is a central resource or depository for ideas, quotes, anecdotes, observations and information you come across during your life and didactic pursuits. The purpose of the book is to record and organize these gems for later use in your life, in your business, in your writing, speaking or whatever it is that you do.

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