The Death of Instagram Influencer Lee MacMillan Shows that Social Media Needs to Stop | by Jennifer Muldoon | Write Like a Girl | Apr, 2021 | Medium
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Moving analysis of the basic falsity behind social media in general and Instagram in particular, and the mental damage done."Instagram is ranked the worst out of all the major social media platforms in terms of detriments to mental health. It does not build authentic connections; it does the exact opposite... an “influencer” [is] not as an a…

Influencer Fatigue: Paid Influencers Are Out and Brand Communities Are In
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After years of influencers buying fake followers, hiring click farms and promoting products that they don’t even use, consumers feel that they can’t trust much of what influencers say... today’s consumers... gravitating toward more grassroots communities, where people share information and original content about the brands and products they love w…

Move Over Influencers, Here Come Curators - Ana Andjelic - Medium
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indie bookstores are thriving. The keyword is curation: by default... local and community-oriented... know the taste ... mood of the neighborhood... a good model for the modern aspiration economy...having taste to know what to buy... human curation... differentiator in fashion, food, travel, wellness, design, and an important value-add for tech pl…

Don’t Scoff at Influencers. They’re Taking Over the World
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as social media expands its cultural dominance, the people who can steer the online conversation will have an upper hand in whatever niche they occupy ... media, politics, business...the lessons they learned from performing on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok will stick... regardless of where they end up... 21st century ... business moguls, politici…

'A more sophisticated influencer strategy': Publishers are building teams to recruit 'expert networks' - Digiday
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with influencer marketing en vogue and publishers hunting for ways to drive engagement on their properties, the hunt for famous, influential contributors is back on... eg Axios has two people... recruiting, managing subject matter experts to participate in Expert Voices... invite-only contributor network... Find influential people, bring them into…

Learning from #EUSuperGirl & Luc van den Brande (Top3ics, December 2017)
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I’ve recently published five posts on three interrelated ideas, two projects one report and a workshop. That happened because the competition brought a Brussels Bubble Outsider to Brussels. Which happens to be one principle of the participation model I presented at the EWRC workshop. Full circle.

The EU Lobbyist's quick guide to Influencers
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The EU Lobbyist's quick guide to "influencers"

Does the Brussels Bubble care enough?
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Engaging Europeans with the EU requires a new Brussels Bubble culture - fourth of several posts written in reaction to Luc van den Brand’s Reaching out to EU Citizens: A New Opportunity.

4 Best Practices for Influencer Marketing
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Relevancy is one of the best practices for influencer marketing. The second thing is that it’s useful.... have influencers participate in programs that create something useful for potential customers... Co-creation makes it a lot more interesting for the influencer... more likely that they will participate... it was human.... about people, not ne…

How We Built a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy – Convince & Convert – Medium
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Find influencers, and partner with them to create Youtility content that helps people make better decisions about their home, auto, boat, motorcycle, etc. But at the operational level, this kind of program creates a number of questions, starting with, “What influencers do we want to work with, and why?”

Why Time Inc. is expanding its contributor networks
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two products, Springboard and Time Inc. Connect to help editors source content from contributors, some for traditional editorial content and some for native or branded content... a way for editors to create more content around specific topics or events rather than just getting content on the cheap... gathering ... people with some degree of social…

Influencers And Advocates: Who Are they & How Can They Help? | Sysomos Blog
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You really have two types of people you can leverage to aid your target marketing and social strategy efforts: - Influencers: Popular, well-respected, quasi-celebrities in your industry/space that share and engage in relevant content, and have a large audience and an engaged following. - Advocates: Vocal evangelists who are already a big fan o…

Did LinkedIn go Klout on us?

Daily I now see posts published authors on LinkedIn that praise the value of finding out your "SSI". . .. while at the same time gently but not so quietly promoting what their score is... I believe the "one percenters" tag is entirely relative since each of have a completely different network from anyone else in the world. - Did LinkedIn go …

Are you suffering from Metric Myopia?
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Before you obsess over your next analytics report, read the recent article by Ev Williams (Twitter and Medium cofounder) on measuring what matters.

What is influence? or, Why I don't care about my Klout score (updated)

The subject of Klout has come up a few times on Twitter, so I'm posting this so I can point people toward a few articles I've found useful. Something I can't do in 140 characters. Which proves my eventual point.

That euroblogger influence survey (updated)

Any survey which lists my blog as a Top 20 'influential' blog (see Stuart's post and interview with the authors, and Jon's post) must be either very generous or not have more than 20 blogs to work with

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