re:Work (Google): Unbiasing
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Begin unbiasing with education, accountability, measurement, and more

Leaders, Do You Have a Clear Vision for the Post-Crisis Future?
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Covid-19 pandemic ... leaders are scrambling to manage the immediate fallout... also necessary to prepare for what’s next. Visionary leaders ... didn’t simply react ... also looked beyond ... guided — and guided their people in turn — by their vision for a better future...fundamental assumptions underlying your current business model may have been…

The Benefits of Framing Culture as a Management System
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despite all the talk about culture, many business leaders remain confused... organizational culture is “the shared basic assumptions, values, and beliefs... taught to newcomers as the proper way to think and feel...think of culture as a management system... makes the idea much more concrete...staff... make all sorts of decisions every day ... in a…

Theory of Constraints 101: Applying the Principles of Flow to Knowledge Work | Praxis
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The Theory of Constraints is deceptively simple... proposing a series of “obvious” statements... before you know it, you find yourself questioning the fundamental tenets of modern business and society...first statement ... every system has one bottleneck tighter than all the others... broaden the concept... to constraints of any kind... second sta…

Don’t Mistake Execution for Strategy
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managers often confuse a strategy’s design with its execution. Recognizing the difference between these two will have a major and positive impact... Strategy design involves detailing positions to take on ... strategic factors... decision criteria used by key stakeholders... the position that, for instance, Ford or Toyota as a company takes to woo…

Building six departments for four companies

A brief summary of my experience in building company structures and supporting processes, role definitions, etc.

If You Want To Change The World, You Need To Start With Small Groups, Loosely Connected But United…
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a new idea has to replace an old one and the status quo has inertia on its side... to truly make an impact, you need small groups, loosely connected, but united by a shared purpose... start with groups small enough to convince a majority... We all have different thresholds for conformity ... threshold model of collective behavior... the exposu…

Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformations
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Any digital transformation includes the following core ingredients:Strategy — aligning vision, customer experience, processes and technology.User-Centered Design — mobile first and personalized.Agility in Delivery — iterative and adaptable.Integration of Software, Platforms and Technology — choosing environments and products that harmonize.Data, A…

Why Big Teams Suck
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when it comes to teams, many hands do not make light work... four to six members is the team best size for most tasks, that no work team should have more than 10 members, and that performance problems and interpersonal friction increase “exponentially as team size increases.”... if you are on a big team that keeps screwing up... try some subtract…

3 Pillars of the Most Successful Tech Products – The Startup – Medium

the GEM framework... to deliver value ... the company must never lose sight of ... growth, engagement, and monetization.... Growth is all about how a company finds new users or customers.... getting the right message in front of people who need what you have... “external triggers.” ... delivered through various channels.... The growth question to…

The Pros and Cons of Collaboration
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managers always have to balance the merits of teamwork... with the dangers of “groupthink”... Large groups are remarkably good, on average, at estimating such things as the number of beans in a jar or the weight of a prize calf. But that accuracy relies on the guesses being independent.... Modern communication methods mean that collaboration is m…

Originals | Hidden Brain : NPR

In his new book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Adam investigates who comes up with great ideas, how, and what we can do to have more of them.... They often procrastinate, and that's how they incubate ideas.... Their parents focus more on values than rules... One of the risks is, you know, you have everybody marching in a different…

Facilitation tips for better meetings
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appointing facilitators to help us make the most of each meeting....more effective, so you (and everyone else) can make the most of your time.more inclusive, because the loudest person won’t dominate the room.more fun. You’re digging into challenges, identifying what can actually get done, and moving on.Here are a couple of typical meeting challen…

Some groups are smarter than others, and psychologists want to understand why – You Are Not So Smart
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to create a team that is collectively intelligent, you likely need to focus on three specific factors that he and his colleagues have identified in their research...

On being a bad manager
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We’re bad at most things by default. The only way to overcome the deficit is with the right kind of practice....But have you tried to manage for hours? How do you even practice management?... professional managers don’t start as managers... Observation is no substitute for doing... Many managers over-involve themselves.... get in the way. It’s a…

Must we all collaborate on this? (Top3ics, July 2017)

Just one topic in this edition, sparked by Collaborative Overload (Harvard Business Review)... reported “time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more”

Collaborative Overload
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time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more...How much time do people spend in meetings, on the phone, and responding to e-mails? At many companies ... 80%, leaving employees little time for all the critical work they must complete on their own... In most cases, 20% to 35% of value-added collabor…

7 Ways That Collaboration Makes Teams Less Effective
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ad-hoc collaboration alienates top contributors, gobbles up time, and makes organizations less effective... an exhaustive study from the Harvard Business Review just revealed that, far from a panacea, collaboration is actually productivity poison. Here are some of the frightening highlights:... 3. Collaboration tends to foists work from the incomp…

'Collaboration' Creates Mediocrity, Not Excellence, According to Science |
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what's usually meant by "collaboration" is 1) plenty of ad-hoc meetings and 2) open-plan offices that increase the likelihood that such meetings take place... open-plan offices... are productivity sinkholes... collaboration tends to penalize the competent who end up doing most of the work. A recent study published in Applied Psychology has now co…

What the EU’s Mobile Roaming success taught me about innovation in bureaucracies
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EUrope’s success in eliminating mobile roaming charges may be the first “data4policy” case study where the data was website traffic, and illustrates the rewards of allowing innovation to flourish at the edges of large organisations.

All aboard the bandwagon
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Venting my spleen a little over on Medium.

Cultivating a Learning Organization – Positive Returns – Medium
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becoming a learning organization was nothing like winning a marathon ...cultivating an award-winning orchard... nurturing systems and culture to produce meaningful results... We embarked on a systematic and phased approach to cultivating the organization we all wanted.

Public media in Europe gets creative with digital news

not necessarily easy to get buy-in from the organization... different parts of the organization are responsible for their own little bits so you can’t always do it within your own team.

Bursting Out of the CEO Bubble
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as CEO... your power and privilege leave you insulated... from information that might challenge your assumptions and allow you to perceive a looming threat or opportunity. Ironically, to do what your exalted position demands, you must in some way escape your exalted position... at firms that are highly successful innovators, leaders are especiall…

Four Questions To Turn Everyone In Your Company Into A Futurist | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
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Most of us aren't futurists, and futurists aren't oracles. They simply try and make some sense of what's coming—not hard and fast predictions, just possibilities.... there are a few ways companies can get better at predicting not just what changes may be around the corner, but how they'll affect them once those disruptions arrive. Making everyone…

Why isn't Holacracy working at Zappos?
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“We want to believe that we are thinking, rational people and on occasion tangle with emotion... The truth is we are emotional beings who on occasion think.”... Holacracy has been criticized for putting a disproportionate focus on process... pushing Zappos employees to operate in a way that goes against their very human nature... The overwhelming …

Who Really Found the Higgs Boson
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the increasingly collaborative nature of modern science. Perhaps nothing captures this dichotomy better than the story of the Higgs discovery... Almost 3,000 people qualify as authors on the key physics papers ATLAS produces... easier to guard against bias in interpreting the data The depth and breadth of this effort transform the act of discov…

How Fucked Up is Your Management?
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Score 1 “My management culture is fucked up” point for each of the following:... You know what costs a lot of time? When good people quit.... Defined levels and career paths take work to develop. But they’re a straightforward way to give people mastery goals and direction. Ever look at some company getting it right and think, “How did they hire …

You don’t have to be stupid to work here, but it helps | Aeon Essays
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How organisations enshrine collective stupidity and employees are rewarded for checking their brains at the office door... Smart young things joining the workforce soon discover that, although they have been selected for their intelligence, they are not expected to use it. ... After a few years of experience, they will find that the people who g…

Innovisor The How - Innovisor
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it only takes few weeks before you receive a full diagnostic report providing you with new levers to accelerate the development of your organization. Your employees invest less than 10 minutes completing a user-friendly questionnaire that they can do from their work or home computer, tablet or smartphone – we will do the rest.

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