Blogging on Platforms and on 3 options
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Should you blog on dedicated blogging platforms like Medium, or on your Hub? It's not an either/or.

The long, complicated, and extremely frustrating history of Medium, 2012–present » Nieman Journalism Lab

Medium was never something that we would get to define. Instead, it’s turned out to be an endless thought experiment into what publishing on the internet could look like.

How Medium’s Curation, Distribution and Paywall Systems Work for Writers
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We don’t charge for hosting, we never put ads on your content or share your data, and we will only put your story behind the Medium paywall if you choose to take advantage of Medium distribution beyond your followers.... We recommend stories to millions of Medium readers every day on our personalized home page, in our email digests, and in our mob…

No thank you, Mr. Pecker – Jeff Bezos – Medium
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Rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail, I’ve decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threaten.

Is it time for MediumCoin?
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Blockchain ... creating alternatives to the current corporation owned second layer of the internet... to make quality content truly democratic... Medium ... made itself decentralized... a blockchain with a dedicated token underlying all of the content ... reward content creators... governed only by the rules... But this token would also create an…

The new Medium still hasn’t solved human nature – ART + marketing
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I have an obvious incentive to get claps: pretty decent money. ... I can write more polarized headlines... on polarizing topics. I can piggy back on the hot news of the day... write things I don’t actually believe using incendiary language ... Medium has safeguards ... a team of curators ... a policy against abuse that it actually enforces... a t…

Is my Medium membership worth it? – John Metta – Medium
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A few people have asked me recently whether my Medium membership is worth it... We’re trying to fight the dark forces of advertising that are destroying our minds and democracy.

Ev Williams on Medium’s Spotify-ish future, why publishers left, and why he changed his mind about ads » Nieman Journalism Lab

the future that Medium founder and CEO Ev Williams sees ... doesn’t include advertising, not even the native advertising that was a key piece of Medium’s plan ... a Spotify-ish model that pools subscribers’ $5 monthly contributions and doles them out to a select group of creators based on how many “claps” the creators get... once they’re in the …

The Cost of a Clap
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A Mathematical Journey Into How Medium Payment [Probably] Works for Premium Authors

The evolution of The Economist’s social media team
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We need to strike a healthy balance between striving to reach more readers across platforms over which we have zero control, with bringing them back to... our apps and website... here’s how we’ve changed our approach over the past year:... an over-reliance on social media can leave us particularly vulnerable to sudden changes by platforms. Ultim…

Inside scoop
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there are 2 programs available on Medium

This morning, I became a founding member of Medium
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Instagram, Facebook, virtually all news sites… their MO is to keep you on their website for as long as possible... advertisers love  eyeballs.... The scrolling keeps us going... a gravitational force field... takes a lot of energy to escape...premium Medium isn’t an endless feed... It isn’t about keeping us on the website or the app as long as pos…

How Can We Change The Medium?
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the most recommended stories on Medium have either to do with startups, life or productivity. Sometimes, all three topics are squeezed in a single story — How to be super productive in your startup and change your life… If we can undo the follower bias, I think everybody becomes a writer and nobody really becomes a celebrity.

Renewing Medium’s focus
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the broken system is ad-driven media on the internet... doesn’t serve people... it’s not designed to... “content” we all consume on a daily basis is paid for — directly or indirectly — by corporations who are funding it in order to advance their goals. And it is measured, amplified, and rewarded based on its ability to do that. Period. As a result…

Fake news
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All the BS that’s fit to click. A Medium Collection

These Are the 9 Best Tips We Got on Medium Marketing: 3 Worked, 6 Didn’t – Stories by Buffer
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The start of every day for me was Medium, I would import a story from the Buffer blog and edit it before publishing and then spending some time updating all of the tracking spreadsheets with the latest numbers, hoping for an indicator of what was working and what content should be posted tomorrow. Our top three Medium strategies were: Repost o…

Translating and Promoting Medium Stories
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The feature enables Medium users to volunteer to translate Medium stories into the language of their choice. Approved translators see a “Translate” button on Medium stories and clicking that button clones the post and seeds the clone with a Google translate version of the story in the language that they select. They then go in and make the Google …

“Medium’s team did everything”: How 5 publishers transitioned their sites to Medium » Nieman Journalism Lab

In April, Medium rolled out a suite of new tools for publishers, and began giving a beta group the option to make revenue from the platform as well. I spoke with five of these publishers ...

Medium isn’t building community
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if all content is ranked together and swift approval is the primary metric (whether that be views, reads, or recommends), the platform will become dominated by generic bullshit. Aspirational pap is just Medium’s version of the cat meme... Publications aren’t communities. Tags aren’t communities. They are content ownership vehicles and search tools…

Before you Repost it, ReThink It
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Reposting your blog on LinkedIn and Medium is a no-brainer. Which is precisely the problem - it takes no brains.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Medium?
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By the time Cameron wrote “Orbital Content” in April of 2011, almost all visits to A List Apart and were triggered by tweets and other third-party posts... SO JUST WHY are we afraid of Medium?

The thing that threatens the web is the mobile ecosystem and the inevitable march of centralization… — Medium
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Over the next few years, there is no doubt content and attention will continue to shift from tens of millions of web sites to a few centralized networks that people access via apps

Why not make the lack of synchronisation a feature of your blogging, and not a bug?

"I’m posting different things in different places, not just reposting the same thing over and over" - in response to Shel Holtz and Dave Winer on Medium

8 Tips for Using Medium Effectively | craigconnects
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Here are 8 tips for using Medium effectively:

How We Use Data to Suggest Tags for Your Story — Data Lab — Medium
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Just as you’re about to publish your draft, we’ll suggest a couple tags for you to use based on what you’ve writte... to increase the number of tagged posts on Medium, but also to help users discover the right tags to use... In our algorithm, we use what is called a nearest neighbors approach... to compare posts... representing posts as vector…

Meet “dialogue,” the new front in the Internet commenting wars

People who advocate for comments on social media ... often argue that Twitter and Facebook engender higher-quality discussion in part because commenters are (usually) attached to real names ... [but] Twitter trolls are rampant, too. And a retweet or quick comment isn’t exactly the same as a thoughtful response. So recently we’ve seen a couple o…

How to Write Better on Medium
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The Writing Cooperative is a community of people who help each other write better through collaborated editing. - How to Write Better on Medium — The Writing Cooperative — Medium

11 Medium Publications You Should Be Following — Thoughts on Media — Medium
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publications, where people are carefully curating great content around particular topics, themes, and ideas Here are eleven great publications that you might want to follow today:

A Click-Bait Experiment
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Garnish your post with a photo of a cute little kitten and animal-lovers will flock to your button like zombies to a brain smorgasbord... good writing ... does not presently guarantee an audience on Medium... risks becoming a click-bait factory, a lame production line pumping out articles around the same limited needs to radically i…

Ev Williams on Medium’s future and listening to his gut
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the next phase of Medium is about linking writers with brands, with Medium acting as the go-between, vetting creators. Meaning, in part, a native advertising hub filled with long-tail content.... There’s going to be sponsorships and branded dollars on the platform. Our vision is to connect quality creators with brands who may want to work with the…

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