5 things publishers can learn from how Jeff Bezos is running The Washington Post » Nieman Journalism Lab

Post’s website and mobile apps are a pleasure to use; the apps have been designed to serve different audiences depending on whether they are traditional Post readers or are instead interested in a more viral product offered at a lower price and that omits local news.... Bandito allows editors to publish articles with up to five different headlines…

The Future of News Is Not An Article

Facebook and Apple... have chosen to focus on a future that takes the shape of an article... largely developed in response to the constraints of print ... a great opportunity for news organizations themselves to rethink those assumptions... considering the time scales of our reporting in much more innovative ways. Information should accumulate …

How a small experiment revolutionized WaPo's CMS

"The Post’s suite of Web apps presents a more specialized alternative to traditional do-it-all content management systems like Drupal... Currently in development at The Post is an application tentatively titled “Storybuilder,” ... including a feature ... to create an index of facts associated with each story. Using this index, Storybuilder could…

Good overview of nextgen CMSs emerging from newsrooms
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"Collaboration on the web has always been a challenge. Beyond the typically one-dimensional CMS, other familiar tools such as Google Docs and Dropbox also fall short because they either lack multimedia support (Docs) or don’t offer a true version control system (Dropbox). Over the past year-and-a-half, however, a host of potential collaboration s…

The retro-futuristic future of blogging
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Thoughtful longread on the past (and future?) of longreads - i.e., blogging. Plus a hint that Vox's Chorus CMS may be getting wider use in the future... "Today everyone in the media world is launching email newsletters... Great. But what I miss from emails is the sense of community, the shared experience... Obviously Twitter replaced parts of t…

NYT, WaPo & Mozilla building opensource audience engagement platform

Good example of CMS innovations emerging from newsrooms - wish I'd added to my recent weekly LinkedIn tour: "a multi-faceted piece of newsroom infrastructure, a set of building blocks that will allow organizations to turn on or turn off various engagement features with relative ease ... a bunch of parts that you can assemble and reassemble ... …

Innovation: CMS, news media & personal productivity (TumblrHub last week, part 2)

Part 2 of my second weekly roundup, where the overriding theme is innovation.

Under the hood of NYT's CMS

"an interesting glimpse at the technology responsible for publishing 700 articles, 600 images, 14 slideshows, and 50 videos on a daily basis." I find the article fascinating because of what the CMS is not - it: "does not render our website or provide community tools to our readers. Rather, it is a system for managing content and publishing d…

Adaptive storytelling
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The implications for CMS and responsive design of these "three key points to consider for adaptive storytelling" are potentially huge. - Advice for 'adaptive storytelling' from the Washington Post | Media news

Tomorrow's technology to tag yesterday's content

More titbits from that internal NYT digital report: "There are about 14.7 million articles in the Times’ archives back to 1851 ... We can be both a daily newsletter and a library — offering news every day, as well as providing context, relevance and timeless works of journalism.” " - The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key d…

Dire Digital Picture: NYT Internal Report
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"... technical weaknesses in the paper’s backend: The lack of an organized system of tags to organize stories’ metadata ..."

Most journalists hate their CMS
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And not just journalists. New generation news sites are redefining news and, by consequence, rethinking information architecture, content strategy and CMS. I only hope the results filter through to everyone else, and sooner rather than later. "... a moment when young talent began demanding superior technology as the key to producing superior jour…

Looking forward to nextgen CMS

A new generation of companies, like CIRCA, are redefining the structure of how information is treated, and building new CMS to support it. Their approach will inevitably feed into a new generation of CMS for whom the 'article' and 'page' are, if not meaningless, at least optional. And I for one can't wait. "what we’re really doing at Circa is a…

Flow | Solutions

"Flow provides a powerful and flexible technology that addresses a range of real-time information challenges"

Piloting a cross-silo, sharing-based Newsroom for the EC
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Part of the pilot Thematic Portal project I ran while at the EC’s DG INFSO, the Newsroom CMS was the first cross-EC CMS, and involved launching user ‘INFSO accounts’ before Google had 'Google accounts’.

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