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Even LinkedIn Is Overrun by Influencers | Index

Even LinkedIn Is Overrun by Influencers | Index

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This article absolutely nails why I can't stand LinkedIn anymore, describing the site as completely performative, and the "LinkedIn newsfeed ... as a vast wasteland... almost entirely filled with marketing gurus, salespeople talking sales, and recruiters and “career coaches” offering the same job search tips over and over".

Why? Because "the combination of professionalism and social media ... don’t really mix... “co-worker” is not synonymous with “close friend” ... But social media demands access... corporatized posts will only get you a tiny hit of attention ... you need to get personal. Emotional. Authentic... sharing something startlingly personal which elicits an emotional reaction"

Because if you get attention on LinkedIn you can make money, as "teaching people how to do something online is often much more lucrative than actually doing that thing yourself... [just] position yourself as a bonafide Successful and then constantly talk about what it is that made you such a Successful.... [it's] basically a writhing mass of opportunists, a vast circle jerk in the cloud... those with the greatest talent for self-promotion ... the most shameless... drag everyone else along in their wake... so a good LinkedIn profile shows other people that you understand the performative nature of the site — and that you’re willing to play along... if something inside you is repelled ... LinkedIn influencers have ... some advice: Get Over It... a cheerful acceptance of the human spirit as a commodity".

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