The Painful Foundations for Tools of Thought
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Interesting, meandering analysis of different tools for thought.Craft "lacked databases - a key feature for any Notion user... [and is] limited to the Apple ecosystem", but they prioritised foundations first, features later: "a lot of work in exchange for small visibility - and users often don’t notice this until the point they (des…

Exclusive: Steve Bannon knows how often you go to church

Steve Bannon and the conservative group CatholicVote used cell-phone location data for people who had been inside Roman Catholic churches ... target them with get-out-the-vote ads...“geofencing” or “ring-fencing.”... data ... is anonymized. But ... potential to reveal personal information about individual phone users... virtual fence around a geog…

Mobile First, Desktop Worst – Prototyping: From UX to Front End
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Mobile First should not be taken as an opportunity to over-simplify and, by the same token, Desktop First should not be taken as an opportunity to pile on complexity.

Responsive scrollytelling best practices
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The main advantage of starting with mobile first is that it forces you to pare down your experience to the nuts and bolts... Once you commmit to scrollytelling, you have two mobile choices: keep it scrolly, or stack it... preserve the scroll is if the transitions are truly meaningful, and not just something to make it pop. Seeing change over time…

Research Blog: Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning without Centralized Training Data
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Federated Learning enables mobile phones to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model while keeping all the training data on device, decoupling the ability to do machine learning from the need to store the data in the cloud.

For many legacy news organizations in Europe, digital disruption comes with new ideas but few answers » Nieman Journalism Lab

Pay models are gaining some traction... increased focus on appealing to smaller, but more dedicated, audiences ... 10 to 20 percent of revenues from digital...monetizing mobile of course remains an open question... “Honestly, now, I think there is no business model.” Here are a few interesting case studies

The Future of Conversational UI Belongs to Hybrid Interfaces – The Layer – Medium
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some examples of a blended interface, bringing the best of the command line and GUI paradigms together... — notifications and quick input from the conversational side, along with a rich and intuitive experience from the GUI side... Each message has the potential to be a ,,, bite size applications like a photo carousel, media players, mini games, i…

Inside The New York Times' new push notifications team - Digiday
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the first article in a series on “The Mobile Publisher,” a look at how publishers are tackling challenges in the shift to mobile, from design to content to monetization... People may spend most of their mobile screen time on apps, but the vast majority of that time is spent on just five apps. Meantime, publishers that haven’t invested in mobile a…

New York Times on importance of branded content and international ad sales
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Some 63% of marketers plan to increase their native advertising budgets this year... The Times launched its "T Brand Studio".. in 2014... has created more than 100 campaigns for more than 50 brands.. generated around $35.7 million. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed, which only sells native ads, generated revenue of $100 million in 2014, while Media Week estima…

Your favorite websites can now send notifications to Chrome on Android
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websites that support Chrome push notifications can send out updates that look and feel like regular app updates even if the Chrome browser isn't currently active on an Android device.. it requires an HTML5 feature called a Service Worker ... notifications will work on desktop and on Android, but not on iOS.... it will be up to web developers to …

WTF are Progressive Web Apps?
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Publishers can get all the benefits of the mobile web with all the functionality of mobile apps thanks to Progressive Web Apps... Here’s a primer: - build a mobile website that can perform super-fast and behave just like an app... lets people interact with it like an app without the hassle of downloading it. - can load on a number of browsers an…

People will read your long stories on their phones

...people are willing to engage with longer content (i.e., news stories over 1,000 words) on their phones... All of the articles studied here were read on the mobile web, not via apps. Since most apps are designed to deliver a better reading experience, “that could further the time people are willing to commit to longer stories,”... Pew found no s…

Digital Darwinism Has Created Digital Narcissists
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your market of digital narcissists is only going to become more elusive... Micro-moments happen when a customer demonstrates intent by reaching for his or her phone to act on a need in real time. They unfold through a variety of common "I want" scenarios that help people take steps or make decisions as to what to buy, do, know, etc... The third w…

Mobile content, language tech & communication strategy (Top3ics, 21 March)

The main Topics this time are language technology, mobile innovation and EU communications, with a few extras to catch-up since the last edition.

New York Times reinvents Page One — and it’s better than print ever was

The New York Times smartphone products now have redefined Page One for the digital era. Finally, we have a model. Mobile can be harnessed to share the day’s news, and works far better to keep us informed than newsprint ever could....engagement — more minutes, now especially in mobile — drives subscription sales, retention, and the ability to incre…

News publishers are going all-in on Google's answer to Instant Articles
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seen as its answer to the walled garden of Facebook’s Instant Articles... in tests, AMP pages loaded 85 percent faster than regular Web pages... We know faster pages are going to do better in mobile search; why would we not do everything we can do make it faster?”

Facebook Officially Launches Canvas Ads That Load Full-Screen Rich Media Pages In-App | TechCrunch
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Instant Articles, meet Instant Ads... an immersive way to reach people without making them leave the social network... when users click a Facebook News Feed ad connected to Canvas, it opens a full-screen, rich media page inside of Facebook rather than forcing users to wait for a mobile website to load... removes constraints that low-power mobile s…

As publishers lose control, are newspaper websites a dead parrot? | Media | The Guardian
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a phone company, Three, is introducing adblocking across its network.... Mobile advertising is still a very small revenue stream for most publishers, but in many cases it is the only one showing any growth...Unless and until this is killed by the European regulators, it threatens to snuff out the lifeline of mobile advertising for digital publishe…

What the detractors of Quartz's news app have missed

"We put aside existing notions about news apps and imagined what our journalism would be if it lived natively on your iPhone. It wouldn’t be a facsimile of our website. It would be something entirely different, with original writing, new features, and a fresh interface."... The Quartz news app isn't for everybody ... the app is by design unlikely…

Facebook, Twitter: Users Process Mobile Content Faster
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Research done independently by both Facebook and Twitter ... we are processing and absorbing a lot of information... 47% of the value in a video campaign was delivered in the first three seconds, 74% ... the first ten seconds... Content consumption in mobile feeds is inherently different from content consumption on other platforms, such as deskto…

mobile media memo | The Surprising Value of a Mobile User
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we’re seeing early signs that the value of a mobile user is greater than a desktop user... Facebook’s... shift from desktop to mobile has led to much higher engagement and average revenue... exactly the opposite of what everyone predicted. investing millions in rich video experiences... But isn’t a larger screen more immersive than a small mobil…

Refinery29 Debuts Morning News Round-Up
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the new application is to deliver a round-up of curated news stories to readers, meant to be viewed first thing in the morning ... presented on eight different cards... the app’s content is able to be digested fairly quickly. Users can ... clicking a link to view the longer article, but they can also just use Refinery29 This AM to flip through car…

Let's say goodbye to pointless, ill-timed, endless push notifications

Using push notifications can be a very effective and powerful way to gain and maintain audience engagement on mobile apps. But if not done correctly, they can turn out to be utterly irritating. ... Personalization is the way forward if push notifications are to survive. 

Digital Media Outlook 2016 - next media accelerator
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Mobile requires a different set of UI/UX and needs different forms of content and advertising, too. That's easy to write, but very hard to implement, especially if you have a newsroom full of experienced people who have learned their trade with a different paradigm in mind. Media startups like vox.com, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and others... adapt…

New York Times: The homepage still plays a prominent role
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The news organisation has mostly been focusing on revamping its mobile apps, but the next step is bringing some of the learnings back to the homepage... third in a series looking at how news organisations are now approaching the homepage, after it was pronounced dead by many in 2014... our real challenge everyday is to come in and say 'ok, who…

Samsung Preps Apple News Rival In Europe, Inks Axel Springer Deal | TechCrunch
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full rollout in those markets, and elsewhere in Europe, is slated for “early 2016”.) Upday sounds as if it will be aggregating a variety of editorial content based on contextual signals available via mobile — such as user location and interests. UPDAY will offer Samsung customers access to a range of news content that combines ‘Need to Know’ in…

Apps versus the web

for an actual brand, developer or publisher wondering if they should do an app or a website, I generally answer that the calculation is much simpler and less technical: Do people want to put your icon on their home screen? ... If you don't have that relationship, then all the clever things ... are irrelevant and your strategy should focus on the w…

16 mobile theses

it’s now perfectly clear that mobile is the future of technology and of the internet. But within that, there's a huge range of different themes and issues, many of which are still pretty unsettled.  I outline what I think are the 16 topics to think about within the current generation, and then link to the things I’ve written about them.

Silver: Lightweight Mobile Prototyping in Sketch 3
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Silver is a combination of an iOS app, a Mac app, and a Sketch Plugin that seamlessly communicate with each other to make your mobile design process as smooth as possible - Introducing Silver : Lightweight Mobile Prototyping in Sketch 3 — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium

How to tell powerful narratives on Instagram
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the Instagram experience, with its constant flow of images and text boxes, presented an alternative story geometry that demanded from me new things. Shorter stories... a deeper consideration of photographs and the rich, nuanced ways that words and pictures work together. ... a powerful, unexpected, and mostly underutilized storytelling tool...…

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