Duet AI in Google Workspace | Generative AI Tools for Work

Google's AI-powered assistant: "Duet AI is a powerful collaborator that can act as a coach, thought partner, source of inspiration, and productivity booster — all while ensuring every user and organization has control over their data... you must first have an eligible Google Workspace plan."Via this post on "creating the perfec…

Google Bard “Extensions” Are Here

"With Extensions, Bard can find and show you relevant information from the Google tools you use every day... across multiple apps and services."The personal assistant potential looks huge for users of Google services - eg "Give me a summary of my emails today".Moreover, 3rd-party extensions are on the way, starting with Adobe…

Opinion | A.I. Could Solve Some of Humanity’s Hardest Problems. It Already Has

An interview with Demis Hassabis, head of Google DeepMind & architect behind AlphaFold.

Everyone's having a field day with ChatGPT – but nobody knows how it actually works
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Is ChatGPT creator OpenAI "a potential Google slayer. Why look up something on a search engine when ChatGPT can write a whole paragraph explaining the answer?" It's very capable, but "struggles to distinguish between truth and falsehood... often a persuasive liar... a bit like autocomplete on your phone... trained on pretty muc…

What the Privacy Battle Upending the Internet Means for You - The New York Times
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Good intro to what Apple and Google are doing in the privacy space to fend off regulation. TL:DR; "Get ready for more random ads online, higher prices and subscriptions galore. But your privacy concerns may still not fade."Apple kicked this off in 2017 with a new Safari preventing the technology used by marketing companies to follow peop…

A privacy war is raging inside the W3C - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech
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Fascinating longread: "inside story of how the W3C ... became a key battleground in the global fight for web privacy", covering:how a few companies (browser engineers) traditionally dominate W3C (pre-vote) conversations,new & disruptive entrants to W3C working groups fighting to save existing ad-tech models following Google's la…

Cory Doctorow: IP
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First a definition of (the importance of) "Interoperability – the thing Facebook uses to slurp stuff in from the open web – is the key to self-determination." Without it:you're trapped: "leaving Facebook means leaving your communities, your relationships... your presence on Facebook is the reason someone else can’t go...you…

‘Privacy by design’: Google to give people more power over their personal data | Google | The Guardian
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Google's attempted “privacy by design” rebrand "may conflict with its core business". Features launched include:people can quickly delete the last 15 minutes of their search historya photos folder locked with password protection reminders on location tracking in Google Mapsimproved password manager integrated into Chromekeeping a h…

The winners and losers of the big tech congressional hearings | Technology | The Guardian
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“This hearing has made one fact clear to me. These companies as they exist today have monopoly power. Some need to be broken up. All need to be properly regulated ... their control of the marketplace allows them to do whatever it takes to crush independent business and expand their own power. This must end.”

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Prepare for Their ‘Big Tobacco Moment’ - The New York Times
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Amazon is accused of abusing its role as both a retailer and a platform hosting third-party sellers ... Apple ... unfairly using ... App Store to block rivals and to force apps to pay high commissions.... Facebook has a monopoly in social networking... Google... multiple antitrust allegations ... dominance in online advertising, search and smartph…

Big Tech’s Big Defector | The New Yorker
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McNamee has mentored many of the people who have transformed Silicon Valley... advised Mark Zuckerberg to turn down Yahoo’s offer... a billion dollars... encouraged Zuckerberg to hire Sheryl Sandberg...Ten days before the Presidential election... “I am disappointed. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed,”... I was expecting them to take it seriously... t…

That “$4.7 billion” number for how much money Google makes off the news industry? It’s imaginary

The Study doing the Saying is from the News Media Alliance, the industry trade group ... the whole megillah is based on one stray number mentioned at a lunch in 2008... $100 million. From that one number, you can “extrapolate in a straightforward way” to $4.7 billion today... my son has gained exactly 39.7 pounds from the moment of his conception …

26 incredibly useful Google Calendar tips
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If you rely on Google Calenda... you’ll get more out of it once you’ve discovered all of its advanced tricks and time-saving possibilities.

Google suspends fact-checking feature over quality concerns | Poynter
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Google is suspending a search feature that displayed fact checks associated to publishers after receiving criticism from conservative news outlets.... Reviewed Claims column that matched outlets’ disputed claims with fact checks contributed by independent fact-checking organizations to the Schema.org ClaimReview markup... The Daily Caller publishe…

Facebook will now ask users to rank news organizations they trust
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it will rank news organizations by credibility based on user feedback... trust rankings will emerge from surveys ... Google announced it would cancel a two-month-old experiment, called Knowledge Panel, that informed its users that a news article had been disputed by independent fact-checking organizations... Facebook learned the wrong lesson fro…

Google’s brave new friendless feed
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Instead of having to look at what weird things other people are interested in... Google shows me the weird things I’m interested in... a fundamental shift in content consumption from curation based on our explicit choices to curation based on our implicit preferences mined from past behavior.

Virtual and Augmented Realities: Asking the right questions and traveling the path ahead
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Now feels like the right time to take a step back, look at the landscape of VR and AR, and share a bit on how we think about the space: where we are, where we’re going, why it matters to Google, and why it matters to the world... VR can put you anywhere, and AR can bring anything to you... in time, these points on the spectrum will blur... let’s c…

Labeling fact-check articles in Google News
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Google News determines whether an article might contain fact checks in part by looking for the schema.org ClaimReview markup. We also look for sites that follow the commonly accepted criteria for fact checks.... use that markup in fact-check articles.

How Chatbots Will Redefine the Future of App Privacy
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when bot platforms take off, we will be... completing the new shift in data control from the users’ hands to Facebook’s, Google, and Microsoft’s hands... the next big privacy concern... end-to-end encryption between the user and the bot developer... goes against their [platform's] business models

The Great A.I. Awakening
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how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself... What is at stake is not just one more piecemeal innovation but control over what very well could represent an entirely new computational platform: pervasive, ambient artificial intelligence... Artificial general intelligence will not involve dutiful adherence to explicit instructions, …

Google, democracy and the truth about internet search | Technology | The Guardian
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There’s large-scale, statistically significant research into the impact of search results on political views... Google is doing a horrible, horrible job of delivering answers here. It can and should do better... people are finally saying, ‘Gee, Facebook and Google really have a lot of power’ like it’s this big revelation. And it’s like, ‘D’oh.’”…

The fake news wars go viral with Melissa’s List

Zuckerberg’s emerging dilemma. He doesn’t want Facebook ... to be an arbiter of what’s legit and what’s not. But if Facebook is now going to prohibit fake news sites from using its ad network to sell ads, it will need a list of its own... Google has long had its own list of legitimate news sources... hasn’t apparently wanted to cut into its own…

Google: Our Assistant Will Trigger the Next Era of AI
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Fernando Pereira, who leads Google’s projects in natural language understanding, is less excited about his company’s shiny new devices than he is about what will happen when people use them... how can a machine truly understand phrases... machine learning; specifically... neural networks... use sophisticated algorithms and tons of data to train t…

Action Items in Google Docs

Google Docs now supports Action Items, a specialized sort of comment that is indicated by an @mention and leads to various new use cases.

Axel Springer chief warns traditional media risk extinction
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“a monopoly of content distribution that will be mainly driven by user-generated content, and by professional content by commercially interested players.... pretty traumatic scenario of information or propaganda. It will be very painful for democracies.”

Finding Peace in the Kingdom with Publishers and Platforms
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Google formed its Digital News Initiative... €150-million innovation fund, though I see that more as a blackmail pot than as a strategic benefit to a struggling industry: bags of coins tossed to drowning journalists.

WTF are Progressive Web Apps?
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Publishers can get all the benefits of the mobile web with all the functionality of mobile apps thanks to Progressive Web Apps... Here’s a primer: - build a mobile website that can perform super-fast and behave just like an app... lets people interact with it like an app without the hassle of downloading it. - can load on a number of browsers an…

AI Is Transforming Google Search. The Rest of the Web Is Next
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Artificial intelligence is the future of Google Search, and if it’s the future of Google Search, it’s the future of so much more... with its head of AI taking over search, the company seems to believe this is the way forward.

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Practices, research, and ideas from Google and other organizations to put people first. re:Work is organized around some of the biggest ways you can make an impact in your workplace. Each subject contains guides, with tools and insights, for addressing specific challenges.

Is Google's AMP project better than Facebook Instant Articles?
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The code behind the effort is all available on Github... the fact that it uses an open repository doesn’t mean that Google isn’t running the project, or deciding what gets included and what doesn’t... publishers have another option ... simply take the best parts of the specification from the publicly available documentation and implement those …

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