Proof of concept: Excel-managed dynamic knowledge browser
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An interactive knowledge visualisation providing a graphical overview of interrelated online concepts, edited dynamically with an Excel file. Featuring an accessible version driven by the same content.

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Approach to visualising Wikipedia category pages and their interconnections.

Visualizing Superdiversity across global cities with the Max Planck Institute
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show how the nature of diversity in our urban areas around the world has been changing over the past few decades... the use of sentences in data visualization is one of my favorite things. You’re adjusting a sentence using these dropdowns, which gives it a narrative component and tells you some really basic things... there’s no reason to not use t…

Folk Theories of Social Feeds

discovering a filtering algorithm's existence in a curated feed influences user experience, but it remains unclear how users reason about the operation of these algorithms.... Interviews revealed 10 "folk theories' of automated curation... Users who were given a probe into the algorithm's operation via an interface ... visible …

Responsive scrollytelling best practices
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The main advantage of starting with mobile first is that it forces you to pare down your experience to the nuts and bolts... Once you commmit to scrollytelling, you have two mobile choices: keep it scrolly, or stack it... preserve the scroll is if the transitions are truly meaningful, and not just something to make it pop. Seeing change over time…

How to implement scrollytelling with six different libraries

“Scrollytelling” is when content (e.g., a graphic) is revealed or changed as the user scrolls... creating a scroll-driven story is hardly a standardized practice, and there are many libraries out there

Die Dashboards Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software
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enterprise software helps the user answer one or more of the following questions:What’s important? (Surface relevant information)What do I do next? (Support decision making)How do I do it? (Facilitate action)... the conversational interface answers all three of the above questions better than the software tools we have today... Dashboards today …

New York Times reinvents Page One — and it’s better than print ever was

The New York Times smartphone products now have redefined Page One for the digital era. Finally, we have a model. Mobile can be harnessed to share the day’s news, and works far better to keep us informed than newsprint ever could....engagement — more minutes, now especially in mobile — drives subscription sales, retention, and the ability to incre…

Ev Let's Make This Happen

What separates Medium from everyone else is that responses create this amazing platform for discussion and stories breed their own little ecosystems. So why don't we treat responses and their result with as much respect as we currently do recommendations?... a story that inspires twenty responses is more "successful" in my opinion than one that…

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