EU Converge - Bridging Communities for Inclusive Policy (a ChatGPT proposal)
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Earlier this week I used an excerpt from a chat with Philip Weiss & Jesús Azogue as a starting point for a conversation with ChatGPT about some of the content in my Hub.

JRC M365 strategy

While my focus at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre has been on their Knowledge4Policy platform (K4P), I've recently been pulled in to help design their internal communications, community, collaboration & knowledge management strategy as they grapple with migrating from Jive to M365.

Helping PMO adopt SPO (and the rest of M365)

How can a reasonably conservative corner of the European Commission adopt M365?

Am I on the right Mastodon instance?
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My second post following my personal #twittermigration: "the other users on your instance create its collective intelligence — the nearest thing you have to a content discovery algorithm".Not that I like algorithms, but "Apart from hashtags, ,,, your server’s Local and Federated timelines [are your] primary discovery channels when y…

How to Leave Dying Social Media Platforms
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Those who've read Doctorow's books and blogs on the collective action problem stopping people leave the established social media walled gardens may not find anything new, except for the quite brilliant link he makes with "the 1971 film adaptation of Fiddler on the Roof ... the Anatevkans can’t just pack up and leave: they are being …

Proof of concept: AI-supported knowledge management
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A neural network to help web content authors efficiently and completely characterise their content using the site taxonomy. Accuracy improves with use.

Proof of concept: Excel-managed dynamic knowledge browser
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An interactive knowledge visualisation providing a graphical overview of interrelated online concepts, edited dynamically with an Excel file. Featuring an accessible version driven by the same content.

Consent Theater
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Doctorow on understanding how vital GDPR is in combating "consent theatre".Opening point: if "we “fix” Facebook, making it possible for you to take your data and go to a rival service... Do you need to get all your friends’ consent?" According to Big Tech, we can't force them to "give people their own data back... It’…

The EU wants to become the world’s super-regulator in AI | The Economist
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The “Brussels effect:... When the European Union comes up with some new tech regulation, it can quickly spread around the world"...To draft its proposed AI regulatory approach, the EC "created a 52-member “high-level expert group” ... collected further input via an “AI alliance” ... published a white paper" to which 1,250 groups a…

Don’t let the Conference on the Future of Europe turn into another weird uncle - VoxEurop
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"Europe deserves a forum where passionate Europeans share, debate and package ideas into policy proposals their fellow Europeans can vote on in 2024." But the CoFoE simply shows the hallmarks of previous efforts, like "the “New Narrative for Europe”, a kind of weird uncle to the Conference on the Future of Europe" created by Ba…

Why is the EU running into so many difficulties with its Covid vaccine campaign? | Vaccines and immunisation | The Guardian
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"Almost unbelievably, scepticism is highest among healthcare workers."Examines both the specific mistakes and the general antivaxxer European setting undermining the vaccination campaign.Specific mistakes: "by publicly trashing [AstraZeneca], the commission undermined trust in the vaccines... compounded by confusion over the vaccine…

QAnon goes European – POLITICO
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Q really seems to act like a virus, finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in each new host is discovers: Germany's far-right groups were the first, and now France's Yellow Jackets, Italy's anti-vaxxers and UK's Brexiteers. Why? Trump's role is at the heart of the Q narrative. Answer (according to Politico): COVID19. "…

Big Lies and Rotten Herrings: 17 Kremlin Disinformation Techniques You Need to Know Now – Byline Times
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During the Cold War, the Soviets conducted over 10,000 disinformation operations, with up to 15000 KGB officers. Europe a target since 2015. Goal: weaken western democracy from within. This article sets out their most pertinent tactics:1) Narratives: post-Western world (the West no longer dominates); anti-(elite, EU, NATO) narratives; danger narra…

Elites have failed us. It is time to create a European republic
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the current crisis is drawing Europeans further apart and not closer together... divisions grow... between east and the west on democracy and the rule of law, or between the north and the south on economic solidarity... Europe dies when it just shrugs its shoulders at nation-first politics ... not a single event, but rather a process ... not wit…

What can be done? Digital Media Policy Options for Europe (and beyond) | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
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policy options ... to create a more enabling environment for independent professional journalism... demonstrate what democratic digital media policy could look like... protect ... from threats to their independence and to freedom of expression... level playing field and support... oriented towards the digital, mobile, and platformdominated future …

COVID-19 Disinformation: Two Short Reports on the Russian Dimension – ‘Reframing Russia for the Global Mediapshere: From Cold War to “Information War”?’
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The EU’s main task force for fighting Russian disinformation is in danger of becoming a source for disinformation itself, and so of skewing policy decisions... public discourse throughout Europe... EUvsDisinfo’s misrepresentation of Russian COVID-19 media coverage ... analysed is troubling. Two ... methods are particularly problematic....From omis…

Macron warns of EU unravelling unless it embraces financial solidarity | Financial Times
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Member states have ‘no choice’ but to set up joint virus recovery fund... warned of the collapse of the EU as a “political project” unless it supports stricken economies such as Italy... a fund that “could issue common debt with a common guarantee” to finance member states according to their needs rather than the size of their economies... If we c…

Seven early lessons from the coronavirus | European Council on Foreign Relations
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there at least seven things that make this crisis very different... force the return of big government... one more demonstration of the mystique of borders, and will help reassert the role of the nation state within the European Union...The third lesson of the coronavirus relates to trust in expertise... Professionalism is back in fashion...Unfort…

Europe sets out to build its own brand of AI | Comment | Encompass
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The von der Leyen Commission’s much anticipated White Paper ... sustained effort to forge a distinctive EU brand of AI... lack of focus ... on human rights... while there are multiple centres of engineering excellence... the raw investment numbers tell a demanding story...2016... EU investment was 3.2 bn euro. In North America, 12.1 bn... goal wit…

3 Versions of Europe Are Collapsing at the Same Time – Foreign Policy
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Europe has repeatedly failed ... those failures have been the building blocks of Europe’s success. But ... Today’s noise isn’t simply another invitation for Europe to fail upward again. It’s the sound of Europe threatening to fall apart entirely...Postwar Europe is failing today because, for the younger generations, World War II is ancient history…

The European Union’s Double Crisis of Legitimacy - The Atlantic
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The union faces a double crisis of legitimacy... it is hard to sustain the fiction that ordinary citizens have a meaningful say over what happens in Brussels... If many voters don’t believe that they have much sway over what happens in their national capitals, the feeling of impotence is even more profound when it comes to Brussels.... the EU ... …

We’ve got problems – but talks on Europe’s future must not be a Big Moan - Friends of Europe
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we’re headed for a miserable 24 months of purple prose, tediously long sermons and unneeded – and unheeded – speeches and moralising... a ‘Big European Moan’... Let’s capitalise on this rather jolly mood... minimising the institutional hijack and confusion ...European Parliament... traditional organisational blueprint ... plenaries, steering commi…

A ‘Conference on the future of EU’, what next? EU elections 2024 – EURACTIV.com
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‘Conference on the Future of Europe’ will open this spring... will not be enough... also... a real democratic debate on the final text, so that it can be followed up... if there is to be a reform of the Treaties... to be ratified in all Member States...Referenda are ... not suitable for the ratification of a new treaty... not allow a debate on its…

Policy Brief: Future of Democracy (pdf)
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to make participatory democracy a reality, it is essential to avoid only paying lip-service to the idea of participation — and give citizens a real say...European federalists are hoping to gain momentum for treaty change. Many member states are afraid of that very outcome...Citizens’ participation is being tested out far more commonly across Europ…

Has EU Reform Ended Before It Began? - Berlin Policy Journal - Blog
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“Conference on the Future of Europe,”... if the commission and national governments get their way, it may be a useless exercise... the European Parliament... would create ... citizens’ assemblies ... of up to 300 people each... give citizens specific questions to wrestle with... should result in major changes in how the EU works... resembles the …

Cookie consent tools are being used to undermine EU privacy rules, study suggests | TechCrunch
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Most cookie consent pop-ups ... are likely to be flouting regional privacy laws... another piece of research ... also concluded a majority of ... cookie notices offer no meaningful choice to Europe’s Internet users — even though EU law requires one...if it’s configured to contain pre-ticked boxes that opt users into sharing data by default — requi…

Killer Slime, Dead Birds, an Expunged Map: The Dirty Secrets of European Farm Subsidies - The New York Times
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The map juxtaposed pollution in northern Italy with the European Union subsidies paid to farmers in the region. The overlap was undeniable... The map was expunged from the group’s final reports... an approximation confirms ... the most heavily subsidized areas had the worst pollution...the bloc’s $65-billion-a-year agricultural subsidy program ...…

DECiDe Feldtest European Alternatives | HIIG
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Europeans feel disenfranchised ... alternative forms of active citizen engagement in democracy must be experimented with... Our approach combines ... random sample voting (RSV) with secure digital identities... if anyone in Europe, from the European parliament to a local government or NGO, wants to find out how people in a certain region feel abou…

Can Europe kick it with the kids?
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POLITICO asked eight of the European Parliament's youngest members... how do you make the EU more relevant to young people?... " letting them into the decision-making process and giving them a better sense of what it is they do"... "The EU is designed to be impervious to citizens’ influence... led by an unelected Commission and its Parliament has …

#EP09vs19 : bilan d’une décennie de communication pour les élections européennes | Décrypter la communication européenne
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2009 : une communication très marketing : plus tactique autour du « buzz game » que stratégique... tente de faire l’impossible synthèse entre des priorités contradictoires avec des modalités plus parallèles que complémentaires... plutôt que de tenter d’intéresser les citoyens aux offres électorales... la campagne de communication du Parlement eu…

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