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Elites have failed us. It is time to create a European republic

Elites have failed us. It is time to create a European republic

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the current crisis is drawing Europeans further apart and not closer together... divisions grow... between east and the west on democracy and the rule of law, or between the north and the south on economic solidarity... Europe dies when it just shrugs its shoulders at nation-first politics ... not a single event, but rather a process ... not with a bang but a whimper... Conference on the Future of Europe... was structured to be yet another spectacle of top-down chatter without vision or ambition...

a European Citizens’ Congress on the Future of Europe, forming the basis of a modern constituent assembly... a social movement, a political actor and a deliberative platform ... institutionalisation of solidarity... [all] enjoy the same social protections, benefit from the same economic support and pay the same taxes... impressive programme of ecological and economic transformation ... as Roosevelt’s New Deal allowed for the creation of modern federal institutions ... a real European Green Deal ... modernised common tax system

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