‘Conspiracy bingo’: Transatlantic extremists seize on the pandemic – POLITICO
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coronavirus i... global rallying cry for ... white supremacists and anti-vaxxers in the U.S. to fascist and anti-refugee groups across Europe ... far-right populists on both continents ... using the outbreak to push their political agenda ...barrage of false messages [risk] ... feeding ... “infodemic” that makes it hard to separate fact from ficti…

3 Versions of Europe Are Collapsing at the Same Time – Foreign Policy
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Europe has repeatedly failed ... those failures have been the building blocks of Europe’s success. But ... Today’s noise isn’t simply another invitation for Europe to fail upward again. It’s the sound of Europe threatening to fall apart entirely...Postwar Europe is failing today because, for the younger generations, World War II is ancient history…

We need a credibility indicator marketplace to fight disinformation
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To counter disinformation and revalue quality journalism we need a competitive ecosystem of credibility indexes to stimulate innovation and avoid a Ministry of Truth, de facto or otherwise.- more on Medium

2015, an awful year for Europe’s free media
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Attacks by Islamic militants, unjustified arrests, assaults, harassment, threats and tougher legal restrictions made it harder for editors, reporters and photographers to hold the powerful to account across the region this year, according to media organizations and NGOs.Hopes that politicians would increase protections for independent media after …

Mathias Döpfner, digital counterrevolutionary
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The digital counterrevolution is underway in Europe... Jean-Claude Juncker has stressed the need for European competitors to the Silicon Valley giants. Juncker’s election was widely credited to the efforts of an influential press baron: Mathias Döpfner... Corey Pein interviewed Döpfner for CJR in October... A month later, Axel lost a round whe…

Mashable, too, heads to Europe

"Over the past 18 months, Mashable — helped along by a $14 million infusion of capital — has doubled in size ... announced its first international expansion... [and] opened a Los Angeles office Mashable chose London because it’s a prime market for advertising" - Mashable, too, heads to Europe | Poynter.

To revive trust in Europe, rebuild democracy
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A refreshing focus on what matters: "Voters are frustrated that they exert less influence than ever over elites... a restoration of the people’s dwindling faith in political institutions at national and EU levels is at once the biggest and the most elusive prize... decline in public confidence in Europe’s governing classes is wider, and it rel…

euro|topics - Concept
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" The euro|topics press review shows you which topics are moving Europeans and reflects the great variety of opinions, ideas and emotions on those issues. Whether the topic is politics, the economy, society or culture, euro|topics takes a daily look at the European press and cites the most important voices. Because the question that interests us i…

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