JRC M365 strategy

While my focus at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre has been on their Knowledge4Policy platform (K4P), I've recently been pulled in to help design their internal communications, community, collaboration & knowledge management strategy as they grapple with migrating from Jive to M365.

This is partly because of how we manage knowledge on K4P: the Publications Office, which inter alia manages the EU Institution's controlled vocabularies, wants the entire EU Commission to mimic K4P's taxonomic architecture and governance as it adopts SharePoint Online (SPO).

And it's also partly because of my work helping another part of the Commission (PMO) move to SPO.

My overall goal is to align knowledge management and communications internally and externally - eg use the same taxonomies to manage knowledge in both the JRC's internal SPO systems and external websites; implement AI-supported tools to ensure externally published knowledge appears in internal search results (but not vice versa!); and so on.

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