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A ‘Conference on the future of EU’, what next? EU elections 2024 –

A ‘Conference on the future of EU’, what next? EU elections 2024 –

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‘Conference on the Future of Europe’ will open this spring... will not be enough... also... a real democratic debate on the final text, so that it can be followed up... if there is to be a reform of the Treaties... to be ratified in all Member States...

Referenda are ... not suitable for the ratification of a new treaty... not allow a debate on its content – citizens are forced to approve or reject...

the EU institutions should operate according to the logic of representative democracy... promote a broad debate to confirm the guidelines proposed by the Conference... the 2024 European elections ... a fundamental political debate on major European options...

Once the positions... debated by the Conference ... towards end 2022... pause for ... wider debate... agree only on ‘Sketches of Europe’... main proposals worthy of debate... There will probably be a pro-European synthesis, but also alternative ... Eurosceptic positions...

2023 will be the year of the various levels of government... prepare for the European elections of 2024... facilitated by Spitzenkandidaten procedure and ... pan-European lists...

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