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We’ve got problems – but talks on Europe’s future must not be a Big Moan - Friends of Europe

We’ve got problems – but talks on Europe’s future must not be a Big Moan - Friends of Europe

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we’re headed for a miserable 24 months of purple prose, tediously long sermons and unneeded – and unheeded – speeches and moralising... a ‘Big European Moan’... Let’s capitalise on this rather jolly mood... minimising the institutional hijack and confusion ...

European Parliament... traditional organisational blueprint ... plenaries, steering committees and executive boards. ... Commission wants ... citizens dialogues ... hesitant about making any treaty changes to accommodate any lucid proposals that are made... Macron wants the conference to “propose all the necessary changes... without any taboos... Policymakers in Berlin are in corners, hiding... wrangles ... obscuring ... conference content...

make sure the talk is infused with hope, not fear...allow some tears. But then point to Europe’s strengths... Give time to the hate-mongers ... but spotlight Europe’s liberal and progressive voices... the conference will only be taken seriously if ... representative of [our] multicultural societies... invites to friends and family in the Western Balkans, in Britain...

2003 Convention ... examples of (semi) futile conversations. Will it really be different this time? ... people’s organisations across Europe ... plans for parties and ‘fringe festivals’... are right: any conversation on Europe’s future should be a celebration as well as a reflection.

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