The EU won’t fix its democratic deficit with another top-down ‘conference’ | Alberto Alemanno | Opinion | The Guardian
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Europe needs a new mechanism for involving citizens, not another talking shop chaired by the Guy Verhofstadt... By raising expectations it can’t easily deliver on, it risks eroding citizens’ trust...won’t directly prepare treaty change... a preparatory process ... could lead the European council ... to initiate them... this time the conference is …

Thread by @alemannoEU: "How the Conference on the future of Europe will look like...

How the Conference on the future of Europe will look like? ... it's the European Parliament ... to offer 1st blueprint... in essence a Constitutional Convention model PLUS... 'plus' is so tiny that fails to capture ... vivacity of EU civil society ...prepare a set of “concrete recommendations” that may be turned into legislative and…

#EP09vs19 : bilan d’une décennie de communication pour les élections européennes | Décrypter la communication européenne
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2009 : une communication très marketing : plus tactique autour du « buzz game » que stratégique... tente de faire l’impossible synthèse entre des priorités contradictoires avec des modalités plus parallèles que complémentaires... plutôt que de tenter d’intéresser les citoyens aux offres électorales... la campagne de communication du Parlement eu…

Brussels Bubble triumphalism over #EUelections2019 turnout
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The Brussels Bubble triumphalism over the #EUelections2019 turnout rate is staggeringly self-absorbed.- thread

How can the EU support its superheroes?
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“So I and fellow Australian-in-Brussels Richard Medic decided to ask some friends to help answer a couple of questions: How can the EU support its superheroes, without destroying their credibility in the process? And under what conditions should it even try?”

lack of gender equality in EU decision-making: a ‘double democratic deficit’
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despite improvements in the number of female MEPs, there is still a chronic lack of women in key decision-making positions, particularly in the Commission and the Council. - EUROPP – The lack of gender equality in EU decision-making means EU citizens are still suffering from a ‘double democratic deficit’

Dialogue of the deaf: interpreting the election results
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Over 70% of EU voters did not vote for the EU: combining abstentions and anti-EU votes, around three-quarters of the electorate believe the EU to be Unimportant OR Harmful AND/OR Undemocratic

A German journalist and camera crew have fun with the EP gravy train in "Scandale au Parlement Européen : Argent facile,...

FalseA German journalist and camera crew have fun with the EP gravy train in “Scandale au Parlement Européen : Argent facile, champagne à gogo et autres privilèges. This sort of film iseasy to make and so becoming commonplace. And people in the Brussels Bubble wonder why they are not so widely loved elsewhere?

MyVote2014: European Parliament voting calculator based on data
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"The MyVote 2014 tool is the latest in a series of tools of this sort ... but this time it’s different in one crucial way: MyVote 2014 uses data about MEPs have voted in the past (between 2009 and now to be precise), and uses this as the data for the tool. This makes the outcomes of the MyVote 2014 tool more solid than previous efforts. Rather tha…

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