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Now it’s easier to tailor Flipboard to your interests

Now it’s easier to tailor Flipboard to your interests

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Another example of topic-based aggregation being better at avoiding the toxic effects of a socially-based newsfeed (cf Reddit).

Flipboard's new feature lets them quickly specify the subjects they care most about from among its 30,000-plus topics... "Flipboard uses AI to classify the articles and videos it’s aggregating and weave them into its main “For You” feed as well as feeds for specific subjects".

To prevent disinfo and hate speech, their algorithm "will not magnify domains that we haven’t already vetted and verified".

The topic focus also drove another recent feature, where "Feeds for specific topics ... [now] suggests subtopics and adjacent topics... the most popular topics... are hand-crafted by Flipboard editors; for others, they’re chosen algorithmically".

It's still an ad-supported business, but rather than targeting the user's profile, the ads target the content being displayed: “You’ll see more ads in #Photography that are specifically about photography”.

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