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Distributed digital gardens

Distributed digital gardens

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"the distributed/federated digital garden approach is the way to go for knowledge commoning... cribbing from ActivityPub's local, global, and 'those-you-follow' timelines... you could have local, 'those-you-follow', and global gardens... [with] some kind of liquid democracy", and interest-based groups, perhaps starting with user-defined lists: " My garden circles is where I'm currently manually loosely defining user-defined lists of gardens in different interest areas."

A "garden reader" is needed because we can't expect "everyone I want to follow to all coalesce in to one platform... people have their garden wherever they wish, and then in my reader I point it at who I want to follow." - basically what I've been saying, although why limit it to gardens? "Agora is kind of a garden reader... Flancian calls it integrator ... RSS readers are really integrators."

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