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This thread summarizes the major-media investigative reporting on the TRUMP-CHINA SCANDAL

This thread summarizes the major-media investigative reporting on the TRUMP-CHINA SCANDAL

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thread summarizes ... reporting on the TRUMP-CHINA SCANDAL, a bribery scandal involving Trump's hunt for dirt on Joe Biden in China, his debts to the Chinese government, and his decision to ignore life-saving COVID-19 intel...

the Trump-Russia scandal was at its heart a *bribery* scandal... Trump-Ukraine scandal was another bribery scandal... Trump-Turkey scandal—was likewise underwritten by bribery...

You can read all about Trump's conflicts of interest in China here... The most obvious piece is scores of valuable trademarks timed to Trump policy decisions... Trump *owes the Chinese government hundreds of millions of dollars... Trump spoke with Chinese president Xi Jinping... discussed *both* U.S. policy and ... Biden... Trump's team *hid the transcript...Trump *knows* when he's done wrong...

One of Trump's top men... said he received *dirt on Biden* from *the Chinese government* the *very same week* Trump tied his "leverage" with the Chinese to his demand for Biden dirt...

in this context... just a few weeks after Trump gets the Biden dirt he demanded from China, U.S. intelligence tells Trump that there is a virus emerging in China that could be dangerous... Trump inexplicably rejects the intelligence... China inserted in its trade negotiation ... exceedingly rare trade-deal clause that excused China from compliance in the event of—for instance—a pandemic... Trump ... permitted it... sent China our PPEs...

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