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The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps | Praxis

The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps | Praxis

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the same person who spends 127 hours per year on Instagram... has “no time” for reading... the ability to read is becoming a source of competitive advantage... the physical, emotional, attentional, and mental capability to sit quietly and direct focused attention for sustained periods of time...

terms ADD and ADHD are falling out of use ... the entire population fits the diagnostic criteria...

to consume good ideas, first you have to consume many ideas... strong filters work best on a larger initial flow. Using your friends as your primary filter for new ideas ensures you remain the dumbest person in the room...our entire digital world is geared toward snackable chunks of low-grade information...

Now you’ve got the funnel filled. It’s time to narrow it... Procrastination is the most powerful force in the universe... Every time I come across something I may want to read/watch, I’m totally allowed to [but] I have to save it to Pocket, and then consume it later...

open each link in a separate tab without taking me to that tab... I’m still in collection mode, not in read mode, I cycle through each tab ... saving each one to Pocket using the shortcut... only one rule: NO READING OR WATCHING!... saving time and preserving focus by batch processing both the collection and the consumption... time-shifting the curation process to a time better suited for reading...

creating a buffer. Instead of pushing a new piece of info through from intake to processing to consumption ... creating a pool ... from a longer time period, which allows me to make decisions from a higher perspective

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