Why We’re Freaking Out About Substack | by The New York Times | The New York Times | Medium
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"the new media economy promises both to make some writers rich and to turn others into the content-creation equivalent of Uber drivers" with most of the top writers making "seven-figure sums from more than 10,000 paying subscribers".Talent making money direct from audience is not limited to journalists on substack: try "a…

Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity
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marginalization of those with radical critiques... poisoning both the right and the left ...resentment and victimhood spread across the American right — an intellectual inferiority complex combined with a moral superiority complex ... Thinking was no longer for understanding. Thinking was for belonging ... Sarah Palin and Donald Trump reintroduc…

The true history of fake news | 1843
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That fake news shifted copies had been known since the earliest days of printing... So what if they weren’t true? Printers argued, as internet giants do today, that they were merely providing a means of distribution ... But newspapers were different... had reputations to maintain... As the 19th century progressed, impartiality and objectivity were…

Bundle Magic - Divinations
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It’s not obvious why bundling is good... Sometimes you should unbundle. It entirely depends on the circumstances...unbundler says, “Right now your only option is to buy ABCD, but you really just want B" ... Substack exemplifies this ... bundler says, “Hey, right now you have to buy A, B, C, and D separately, but you’d like them all... Spotif…

Praxis is Joining the Everything Bundle - Forte Labs

make every minute you spend consuming information much, much more valuable... much ... online content ... awful. Driven by clickbait, optimized for maximum distraction... lowest common denominator, it only added to people’s confusion ... in ... productivity, performance, and personal effectiveness... lots of gems ... buried beneath an avalanche of…

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