How to stop Perplexity and save the web from bad AI
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Casey first gets the Perplexity.ai scandal off his chest: "the Clearview AI of generative artificial intelligence companies: scraping billions of pieces of data without permission and daring courts to stop it. Like Clearview, Perplexity’s core innovation is ethical...".Is the Fediverse a solution? He likes it, but "a partial one... …

Introducing GPTs

OpenAI rolled out "custom versions of ChatGPT that you can create for a specific purpose... GPTs are a new way for anyone to create a tailored version of ChatGPT to be more helpful ... at specific tasks". Built with no-code via chat.openai.com/create, you can share your GPT, and even monetise it, via their GPT Store later this month.Th…

Get Access to Part of My Brain
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Proof that one of the myhub revenue streams exists: "pay once, and you get lifetime access to my growing list of notes from the books I’m reading. If you went out and bought all of these books, you’d pay around $3,000. If you then spent the 3-6 hours reading each book, and 1-2 hours taking notes on them, it’d take you anywhere from 800 – 1,60…

Everyone's having a field day with ChatGPT – but nobody knows how it actually works
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Is ChatGPT creator OpenAI "a potential Google slayer. Why look up something on a search engine when ChatGPT can write a whole paragraph explaining the answer?" It's very capable, but "struggles to distinguish between truth and falsehood... often a persuasive liar... a bit like autocomplete on your phone... trained on pretty muc…

Stolen Focus: Johann Hari explains how your attention has been stolen - Vox
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I do like a challenge."We live in the most distracted time in human history. Can we reclaim our attention spans?... A new book by the British journalist Johann Hari, called Stolen Focus, takes a close look at what’s happening — and what’s happened — to our collective attention... we’re all becoming lost in our own lives, which feel more and …

About Ghost - The Open Source Publishing Platform
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"platform focused solely on professional publishing... open source tools for independent journalists and writers ... sustainable business around a free core application, funded by a premium platform as a service to run it on... non-profit foundation ... can never be bought or sold... [all] revenue reinvested into the product and the community…

A Lean Alternative to a Business Plan: Documenting Your Product/Market Fit Hypotheses
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"the most efficient way to operate during the earliest phases of a startup lies in between a formal business plan and unstructured iteration... documenting your initial product/market fit hypotheses, systematically validating each of the most uncertain hypotheses, and continually iterating on and updating [them] ... through customer validatio…

Rahul Vohra Shares Superhuman's Product Market Fit Framework & Tool
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How to measure & optimise for product/market fit? Use this leading indicator: "just ask users “how would you feel if you could no longer use the product?” and measure the percent who answer “very disappointed.” " You need at least 40%.Article goes through the process step by step, and comes with an interactive tool:A) Ask people who&…

Distribution vs. Innovation - Andreessen Horowitz
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Sets out a solution to the "TiVo problem": essentially, TiVo had the innovative product but not the content to operate it on. This usually ends badly for the innovator, who gets screwed by the incumbent, who has the distribution (eg ComCast). Despite the example, Tivo "did not fail... a patent troll of sorts... collected more than $…


Andreessen Horowitz on sales channels, because "products often fail because the company chose the wrong route to market... A properly designed sales channel is a function of the product that you have built and the target... you wish to pursue."Presented as a function: the channel (c) is derived by a function (f) - distribution design - …

The Case for Digital Public Infrastructure | Knight First Amendment Institute
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Today's social platforms' business models are not inevitable, but because we see them as such we constrain "the solution space we consider for combatting mis-/disinformation, polarization, and promotion of extremism... we need to consider what technologies [and] digital media to have a productive role in democratic societies".H…

Praxis is Joining the Everything Bundle - Forte Labs

make every minute you spend consuming information much, much more valuable... much ... online content ... awful. Driven by clickbait, optimized for maximum distraction... lowest common denominator, it only added to people’s confusion ... in ... productivity, performance, and personal effectiveness... lots of gems ... buried beneath an avalanche of…

The most important technology critic in the world was tired of knowledge based on clicks. So he built an antidote - The Correspondent
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The Syllabus collects the best articles, podcasts and videos about the political, economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on a daily basis...world’s foremost technology critic... scans 100 pages per minute, 12 books in an hour, 100 in one day... can determine the relevance of every book in the world... all information and know…

What can be done? Digital Media Policy Options for Europe (and beyond) | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
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policy options ... to create a more enabling environment for independent professional journalism... demonstrate what democratic digital media policy could look like... protect ... from threats to their independence and to freedom of expression... level playing field and support... oriented towards the digital, mobile, and platformdominated future …

FAQ: How is MyHub.ai free and without ads? What is your business model?
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MyHub is an ad-free, manipulation-free zone. Your privacy is 100% safe. How?

The Network Effects Map | NFX Case Study: Uber – NFX – Medium
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the actual value of a business largely rests on defensibility... we’ve developed a Network Effects Map to help founders ... build an informed defensibility strategy. ... helping founders dissect the often-hidden yet highly intentional forces behind technology’s most successful companies... a vocabulary for discussing complex and interrelated co…

We’ve found the future of media
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If using a beautiful content management system doesn’t miraculously solve a media company’s cash flow problems, what will? If short videos, or elaborate commenting systems, or mobile storytelling, or interactive graphics, or Snapchat Stories, or Instagram hashtags, or Instant Articles, or Google AMP, or programmatic advertising, or native advertis…

Vertical AI Startups: Solving Industry-specific Problems by Combining AI and Subject Matter Expertise — Bradford Cross
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a four-factor definition of what I consider to be a vertical AI startup:... full-stack fully-integrated solution to the end customer problem from the interface ... down the stack to the functionality, models, and data;... deep subject matter expertise... trust, respect, and relationships within the industry.... combine the subject matter and tec…

Medium, and The Reason You Can’t Stand the News Anymore
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today’s news outlets are all in a no-win situation where they are forced to contribute to the causes of their own demise to survive... well-meaning people try to “fix” the news. But instead, those methods erode trust in all news outlets... You can draw a straight line from the bad incentive structure forced upon news outlets to the unprecedented d…

Circa's 1st Revenue Stream: Native Ads
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Surprise surprise... "Circa is developing two types of ads: magazine-style full-screen banners, like Flipboard, and sponsored posts... which look and feel like editorial, created by a separate staff.... One future revenue possibility would be licensing access to Circa's article data to other publishers," - News App Circa Looks to Na…

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