Top 10 Information Architecture (IA) Mistakes
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Structure and navigation must support each other and integrate with search and across subsites. Complexity, inconsistency, hidden options, and clumsy UI mechanics prevent users from finding what they need.

Information And Information Architecture: The BIG Picture
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Information architecture is the process of categorizing and organizing information to create structure and meaning. Understanding the bigger picture enables us to get a much clearer perception of the value that good information architecture delivers to help our information-overloaded lives.

The department of useless images

One self-experiment we all should try once: To understand this website based on its images.

The Future Crunch 2020 Information Diet

We live in a supercharged attention economy - the internet is a buffet. Keep in mind when we create and how we consume content! What kind of information do we give to our audiences? Junk, or healthy stuff?

Are your customers [audiences] low or high information?

Traditional, mass marketing branding still good for low information type customers. If they’re high information customers, you need to give them the facts and be useful because that’s what they want.

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