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4 steps to communicate anything clearly

4 steps to communicate anything clearly

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1. Start by meeting your audience where they’re at.

"You don’t want to start explaining something the audience already knows or jump to the conclusion that they get where you’re coming from right away. [...]
As a communicator, you must take into account different knowledge levels and backgrounds and set the pace accordingly."

2. Don’t lose the plot.

"[Do not] “go too far down the rabbit hole.”
We lose people most frequently when we start getting into too much detail [...].
Say what you need to say to communicate your point clearly, brilliantly, memorably, and with emotion, but don’t get caught up with add-on thoughts that don’t add on value or relevance.
[...] support [your] insightful points with a few relevant details to support your case. Then stop.

3. Go for clarity over accuracy.

"when we’re knowledgeable about a topic it’s easy to worry about getting every fact explained perfectly.
That can get in the way of comprehension.
[...] better to come up with a simpler explanation that maybe isn’t completely technically correct but it gets the point across [...]"

4. Explain why you’re so passionate about your topic.

If the audience can understand why you’re fascinated with your topic and why it’s so important, they’re more likely to feel the same way.
You have to establish the case for why they should care [...]
People get caught up in what you’re caught up in, which ultimately aids in clarity of communication.

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