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Stop Emailing and Use the Damn Phone (Please)

Stop Emailing and Use the Damn Phone (Please)

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Why Email Shouldn't Be Your Only Communication Tool

For many, email is a default communication vehicle. And we wonder why we’re not communicating well.

Email is best used as a follow-up to a conversation and/or for sharing an attachment or data. It’s also helpful when we’re communicating with colleagues across the globe in other time zones.

When something’s important, why not pick up the phone instead?

Craving a little connection in today’s new reality of work? A phone call with a colleague might just be the connection you and they need.

And, how are you coaching your team when they overuse or abuse email?

When’s the last time you got an email that should have been a phone call and emailed back: “Let’s talk about this live vs. use email?” Or, “This isn’t an email conversation; we need to talk live. Please call me.”

What’s stopping you from using your phone for a real conversation and some real connection?

— David Grossman

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