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Compare AI to Average Humans, Not the Best Human

Compare AI to Average Humans, Not the Best Human

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This article is part of a more extensive series I’m writing about the user experience of modern AI tools. Suggested reading order:

  1. AI Is First New UI Paradigm in 60 Years
  2. AI Vastly Improves Productivity for Business Users and Reduces Skill Gaps
  3. UX Needs a Sense of Urgency About AI
  4. Getting Started with AI for UX
  5. Ideation Is Free: AI Exhibits Strong Creativity, But AI-Human Co-Creation Is Better
  6. AI Is More Creative Than 99% of Humans — on One Metric
  7. Search vs. AI: What’s Faster
  8. AI Helps Elite Consultants: Higher Productivity & Work Quality, Narrower Skills Gap
  9. AI vs. Metaverse: Which Is the 5th Generation UI?
  10. Generative AI Enhances Old Users’ Intellectual Performance
  11. The Articulation Barrier: Prompt-Driven AI UX Hurts Usability
  12. AI’s Role in Human-AI Symbiosis: Originator or Refiner
  13. UX Portfolio Reviews and Hiring Exercises in the Age of Generative AI
  14. 4 Degrees of Anthropomorphism in Using AI
  15. AI Makes Happy Geeks
  16. Classic Usability Important for AI
  17. Automated Content Strategy and Tone-of-Voice Metrics
  18. Analyzing Qualitative User Data at Enterprise Scale With AI: The GE Case Study
  19. 3 Wishes for AI UX
  20. Navigating the Web with Text vs. GUI Browsers: AI UX Is 1992 All Over Again
  21. SEO Is Dead, Long Live AI-Summarized Answers
  22. Website Survival Without SEO in the Age of AI
  23. AI Companions: Good or Bad for Users?
  24. Unreliability of AI in Evaluating UX Screenshots
  25. The AI Revolution Won’t Cause Mass Unemployment
  26. AI Generates Complex Text, Challenging Many Readers
  27. Operant Conditioning in Generative AI Image Creation
  28. AI Visualizing AI: Beyond the Robot Stereotype
  29. The Need for Speed in AI
  30. Business professionals with experience using AI are more optimistic about its potential than are colleagues who have not used AI
  31. Compare AI to Average Humans, Not the Best Human
  32. Will AI Cause Wage Stagnation or Growth?
  33. 2,500% ROI from Microsoft Office AI Copilot
  34. UX Experts Misjudge Cost-Benefit from Broad AI Deployment Across the Economy
  35. ChatGPT Does Almost as Well as Human UX Researchers in a Case Study of Thematic Analysis
  36. How Much UX Do You Need for AI Projects?
  37. “Prompt Engineering” Showcases Poor Usability of Current Generative AI
  38. AI Can Boost Education

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