Selecting the right KPIs for your company.
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you could ... end up ... drowning in an ocean of data... your KPIs that hold the key to identifying and introducing improvements ... general principles ... when selecting the right KPIs....certain common KPIs ... pageviews per user, page bounce rate or average time users spend ... keep your list short and sweet... Web analytics works best when i…

No more user stories! There are jobs to be done - The Startup - Medium
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don’t sell products and services to customers, but rather try to help people address their jobs to be done... most of the masses of customer data companies create is structured to show correlations... is taking companies in the wrong direction...home in on ... what the customer hopes to accomplish... the job to be done... When we buy a product, we…

Research exploitation platform, META Group
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IPBooster is the ‘launch project’ for META’s research exploitation platform, which is one of the three externally-facing platforms we’re building for META Group (context).

Institutional communications: strategy & tactics

I’ve just spent a few days running the Discovery phase of a new project to further develop the communication strategy of an EU Institution, with a particular focus on retooling its online, social media and publications tactics. Apart from focusing on developing a new information architecture, I’m running the overall project. This means not only en…

The End of the Internet Dream?
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What does it mean for companies to know everything about us, and for computer algorithms to make life and death decisions? Should we worry more about another terrorist attack in New York, or the ability of journalists and human rights workers around the world to keep working? How much free speech does a free society really need? - The End of th…

The Big Reverse of the Web

The future of the web is "push-based", meaning the web will be coming to us.... the web will disappear into the background much like our electricity or water supply.. content, products and services will find you, rather than you having to find them... What people really want is to tune into information rather than having to work to get informat…

What Really Matters: Focusing on Top Tasks
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" Top tasks are the small set of tasks ... that matter most to your customers. Make these tasks work well, and you’ll be on the right track. Get them wrong, and chances are you’ll lose the customer. Top Tasks Management is a model that says: “Focus on what really matters (the top tasks) and defocus on what matters less (the tiny tasks).” Tiny ta…

Under the hood of NYT's CMS

"an interesting glimpse at the technology responsible for publishing 700 articles, 600 images, 14 slideshows, and 50 videos on a daily basis." I find the article fascinating because of what the CMS is not - it: "does not render our website or provide community tools to our readers. Rather, it is a system for managing content and publishing d…

Archive snapshots of an evolving website with Wayback
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Useful trick to document your website's evolution: "Head on over to the Wayback machine and choose the Save Page Now option. It doesn't work on all sites, but if you want to capture content that might change, you can add a page directly to the archive and get a custom URL for it. If the link is a PDF, it will capture that as well." I just archiv…

Double subscription rates: keep it simple, ECAS
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" If we wanted more email subscribers, we’d have to make it easier for people to subscribe." Quartz's new approach to enewslettre subscription, which has seen daily subscriber rates double since February, is like the 'Quick Subscribe' feature I always propose for online community sites: - some users may create an account to subscribe, but most wo…

Most journalists hate their CMS
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And not just journalists. New generation news sites are redefining news and, by consequence, rethinking information architecture, content strategy and CMS. I only hope the results filter through to everyone else, and sooner rather than later. "... a moment when young talent began demanding superior technology as the key to producing superior jour…

Looking forward to nextgen CMS

A new generation of companies, like CIRCA, are redefining the structure of how information is treated, and building new CMS to support it. Their approach will inevitably feed into a new generation of CMS for whom the 'article' and 'page' are, if not meaningless, at least optional. And I for one can't wait. "what we’re really doing at Circa is a…

Explain static, liquid, responsive & adaptive designs

Excellent tool for explaining "the difference between Adaptive, Responsive, Static and Liquid sites ..." - Liquidapsive (Liqui-dap-sive)

Web Journalism: Bubble or Lasting Business?
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Nice NYTimes tour of the current news startup wave: Key point: "quality, customized advertising on sites with good editorial content was actually a solid business with growing margins... Business Insider has had nine consecutive quarters where the revenue per page was rising.... “There are fundamental secular trends — ad growth, mobile growth, pa…

What The Longform Backlash Is All About
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Medium on how magazine editing is morphing as technology transforms online longform: "Online, each story is at best its own magazine, sent out to find its own temporary audience. One article may absorb people who subscribe, or would once have subscribed, to Foreign Affairs; another might absorb devotees of Wired or Men’s Health or Glamour. The au…

Web Journalism Asserts Itself
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NYTimes.com on how legacy organisations failed to go digital, leaving field open to tech-first startups: "Vox is a digitally native business, a technology company that produces media, as opposed to a media company that uses technology. Everything at Vox, from the way it covers subjects, the journalists it hires and the content management systems …

New York Times redesign
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"whole new publishing and technology system ... continually iterate on the site and take advantage of new technology trends ... instead of seeing major redesigns in the future, users will see more incremental changes" Key question: are the native ads clearly ads? - New York Times redesign points to future of online publishing - Jan. 8, 2014

Today, try to avoid killing your client

Great advice for web data analysis everywhere: "We don’t live in a perfect world. Vague requests are going to get floated. ... that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize and strive to minimize how often that happens. Here’s how: - Condition yourself to go to full alert whenever the word “interesting” is used ... - probe for clarification as much …

The Beginner's Guide to CRO | Qualaroo - Behavior Insight Surveys For Smarter A/B Testing
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"The Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an in-depth tutorial designed to help you convert more passive website visitors into active users that engage with your content or purchase your products."

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