How to Stay Ahead When the Rules Change
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Why do companies so often fail to adapt? ... no shortage of ways ... But ... firms need to recognize the need for change ... organizations tend to operate ... blind momentum... why are they slow to change course? ...very difficult to study how companies adapt ... need both a large sample of firms and a reliable way of quantifying their choices....…

UX research fuels your design process
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This article is not a UX Research manual, it ... provides a general idea of how and when UX Research is conducted ... why designers should care about it...~ Understanding brings us closer to what we are already so familiar with. And that is the inception of UX Research... user research tackles the demographical data about a product’s existing and…

I Answer Your Questions About the State of Digital Transformation - Brian Solis
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Where are companies at in their digital transformation efforts?... I define iteration as doing the same things better. Innovation is doing new things that unlocks new value for your customers. Only one of those can lead to disruption, which is doing new things over time that make the old things obsolete.

Clay Christensen on the news industry

Every business, at some point, faces competition. But competition is not the same as disruptive competition — a new class of competitors created when technology enables new players to compete with incumbents on terms the incumbent isn’t used to... it’s all the digital forces that have faced the newspaper business — from blogs to aggregators to soc…

Black Swan Politics
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the rise of Trump using language of how we talk about startups that become black swans.

Productivity, innovation, community & more (Top3ics, 1 Dec)
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Over 40 new resources ... some great longreads to enjoy as the nights grow long, the productivity tips you’ll need to find the time to read them, and a free set of steak knives. The Christmas season, after all, is almost upon us.

What Is Disruptive Innovation?
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disruption theory is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success. Despite broad dissemination, the theory’s core concepts have been widely misunderstood and its basic tenets frequently misapplied... refinements over the past 20 years appear overshadowed by the popularity of the initial formulation... too many people who speak of “disrupt…

The Big Reverse of the Web

The future of the web is "push-based", meaning the web will be coming to us.... the web will disappear into the background much like our electricity or water supply.. content, products and services will find you, rather than you having to find them... What people really want is to tune into information rather than having to work to get informat…

Do android cars dream of electric streets? (updated)
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The impact autonomous cars will have on personal mobility and cities will dwarf the disruption Uber and AirBnB have wrought on their respective industries. Joined-up European policies seem in short supply

How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs and Reshape the Economy by 2025
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"A Columbia University study suggested that with a fleet of just 9,000 autonomous cars, Uber could replace every taxi cab in New York City13 – passengers would wait an average of 36 seconds for a ride that costs about $0.50 per mile.14 Such convenience and low cost will make car ownership inconceivable, and autonomous, on-demand taxis – the ‘trans…

Disruption Debate - What's Missing?

"incumbent players [must] expand the horizons of their leadership team beyond the next quarter or next year ... challenge key assumptions... resist the temptation to deny that [disruption] exists." - Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: The Disruption Debate - What's Missing?

The Disruption FAQ
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Wow, that's timely: "Q1. What is disruption? Disruption happens when the strong are defeated by the weak....

What To Make Of Jill Lepore's Attack On Disruption?
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@digitaltonto weighs in on the LePore v Shristensen debate on Forbes: "Yet Lepore veers off course by essentially affirming the consequent.... In her fervent desire to critique, she conflates. Disruption, innovation and disruptive innovation are, in fact, three distinct entities.... there is more than one way to innovate, what’s really important …

War rages over 'Disruptive Innovation'

Clayton Christensen reacts to Lepore's article on his theory of disruption. Nice to see academics can be as carefree with facts as politicians and think tank gurus ... "in order to discredit me, Jill had to break all of the rules of scholarship that she accused me of breaking... if she was truly a scholar as she pretends, she would have read [tho…

Silicon Valley, the New Yorker, and Disruption
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"Case studies are terrible at proving theory, but they serve as a great way to think through a problem." - winterspeak.com: Silicon Valley, the New Yorker, and Disruption

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