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No more user stories! There are jobs to be done - The Startup - Medium

No more user stories! There are jobs to be done - The Startup - Medium

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don’t sell products and services to customers, but rather try to help people address their jobs to be done... most of the masses of customer data companies create is structured to show correlations... is taking companies in the wrong direction...

home in on ... what the customer hopes to accomplish... the job to be done... When we buy a product, we essentially “hire” it to help us do a job... Jobs-to-be-done theory... gets at the causal driver behind a purchase...

In the Agile world we ... focus on persona and/or roles. Instead of the job that needs to be done... user stories i... contains too many assumptions and doesn’t acknowledge causality...

Job stories slightly revise the format to ... give more meaningful information for the designer and developer... Here are a few examples of the same feature story in user story and job story format...

By removing “As a __ “ from the user story, we remove any sort of biases that the team might have for that persona. Personas create assumptions about the users that might not be validated... user stories ... easily manipulated to proposing a solution rather than explaining an expected outcome for that particular user...

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