Personalise your storytelling by mining your archives
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Personalise your storytelling by mining your archives: The Australian launches Storyline: getting something out of its first 50 years and making it relevant to readers.

Archive snapshots of an evolving website with Wayback
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Useful trick to document your website's evolution: "Head on over to the Wayback machine and choose the Save Page Now option. It doesn't work on all sites, but if you want to capture content that might change, you can add a page directly to the archive and get a custom URL for it. If the link is a PDF, it will capture that as well." I just archiv…

Kill All Your Darlings - Learning - Source: An OpenNews project

"I should have built in a switch ... that would have taken it from the dynamic site it was to a static site, built for archiving. It would have cost me some time on the front end and saved me money on the back. And it would still be online today.... In all your excitement starting a new project, spend a little time thinking about the end."

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