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If You Want To Change The World, You Need To Start With Small Groups, Loosely Connected But United…

If You Want To Change The World, You Need To Start With Small Groups, Loosely Connected But United…

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a new idea has to replace an old one and the status quo has inertia on its side... to truly make an impact, you need small groups, loosely connected, but united by a shared purpose... start with groups small enough to convince a majority...
We all have different thresholds for conformity ... threshold model of collective behavior... the exposure to multiple groups can help overcome higher thresholds of resistance, because of the influence emanating from additional groups through weak links. ... start with small groups with low resistance thresholds. They, in turn, can help you convince others and build momentum...
The role of a leader is not to guide and direct action, but to inspire and empower belief and a sense of shared purpose... people ... first have to want what you want... you can’t change fundamental behaviors without changing fundamental beliefs... Most often, change efforts fail because they seek to overpower rather than attract... more romantic than doing the hard work of building traction in small groups and then painstakingly linking them together through forging a sense of shared purpose

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