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The Benefits of Framing Culture as a Management System

The Benefits of Framing Culture as a Management System

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despite all the talk about culture, many business leaders remain confused... organizational culture is “the shared basic assumptions, values, and beliefs... taught to newcomers as the proper way to think and feel...

think of culture as a management system... makes the idea much more concrete...staff... make all sorts of decisions every day ... in aggregate, determine the experience for employees... When you frame culture as a management system, you see how quickly assumptions, values, and beliefs ... translate into actions...

cultures we’ve found to be most successful... High-Purpose Cultures ... motivating employees with ... a “sense of purpose that transcends making money.”... focused equally on the needs of employees and customers... clearly communicate internally what the organization stands for... engage everyone in the organization... operational decisions must balance the needs of employees, customers, and other stakeholders...

We combed through extensive data from Glassdoor... selected a group of the best-rated organizations ... in the same industry among the worst-rated...companies with High-Purpose Cultures ... had an average of 11.5% on stock returns annually over a 17-year period, compared with an overall market average of 6.4%...employee turnover rates approximately 50% lower...

Employees want to work at places that make them feel valued, and they’re more productive... The BBC named Ballmer one of the five worst CEOs in 2013... When Satya Nadella ... focused on building a new corporate culture. Microsoft’s share price skyrocketed from about $28 under Ballmer to $137 in September 2019

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