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The Pros and Cons of Collaboration

The Pros and Cons of Collaboration

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managers always have to balance the merits of teamwork... with the dangers of “groupthink”... Large groups are remarkably good, on average, at estimating such things as the number of beans in a jar or the weight of a prize calf. But that accuracy relies on the guesses being independent....
Modern communication methods mean that collaboration is more frequent... does that boost, or detract from, performance? A new study... Three groups were involved: one where subjects acted independently; another where they saw the solutions posted by team members at every stage; and a third where they were kept informed of each others’ views only intermittently.... The intermittent collaborators found the right result as often as the individualists, and got a better average solution...
three factors determine the “collective intelligence” of collaborating groups: social intelligence ... extent to which members took part equally... proportion of women in the group ...
teamwork may be vital in the lower reaches of a hierarchy, but at the top someone has to make a decision... co-leadership “creates uncertainty over who is really in charge”

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