Design thinking was supposed to fix the world. Where did it go wrong? | MIT Technology Review
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Good history of design thinking."IDEO’s way of working: a six-step methodology for innovation called design thinking... Key ... was its replicable aesthetic, represented by the Post-it note:... Not too precious, not too permanent... promises a fast-moving, cooperative, egalitarian process", but is also "disruptive, startup-flavored …

Why You Love Design from Trust. You just don’t know it yet | by Jerry Michalski | Medium
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Systems with Design from Trust: assume most (not all) people have good intent."initially feel counterintuitive, even they rely on human relationships. appealing: once you wrap your head around them, you want more."The discomfort is a symptom of how today's default setting is mistrust: "we’ve internalized the ass…

Design Thinking and the Theater of Innovation cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne
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Good short history: "design thinking ... has spread from products to services to just about anything in business... often used as shorthand for a magic potion approach to innovation and creative problem solving... end up being a theatrical thing that people can point to and say, ‘oh we did that.’ "So it's one example of how "or…

What is Jobs to be Done (JTBD)?
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Jobs to be Done is a theory of consumer action. It describes the mechanisms that cause a consumer to adopt an innovation... a process: it starts, it runs, and it ends... a JTBD describes how a customer changes or wishes to change...: the process a consumer goes through whenever she aims to change her existing life-situation into a preferred one, b…

AI’s Gift: Rethinking the Purpose of Work
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Artificial intelligence has been hailed as the last invention human beings will ever create. Universal basic income... is now being discussed openly .... Design thinking has entered mainstream business lexicon ... These three unique concepts will have a powerful impact on work in the coming decades... If some people do not have to work to surviv…

Yes, Design Thinking Is Bullshit…And We Should Promote It Anyway
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Design Thinking is indeed a buzzword, and it’s also a useful starting point for deeper understanding... The tension is clear: serious, critical expert designers versus amateur design thinkers with their babbling buzzwords and bubbling positivity... A little bit of Design Thinking can over-inflate egos and self-perceptions of creative greatness, bu…

Download the open-source Platform Design Toolkit 2.0
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New tools are needed to help organizations leverage on the power of ecosystems and enable participation of external entities in the business process. That’s what the Platform Design Toolkit is for: design systems that create much more value than they capture and motivate everybody to join.

What the Heck is Design Thinking Anyway?
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If we define design as the decisions that determine how something works ... then Design Thinking is simply the process to make more thoughtful decisions.... We can only knit together what we already know in new ways to get to the something that’s never existed before.... Design Thinking offers — a way to get where you’re going when you don’t kno…

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