Stashpad Obsidian Integration. A giant step forward in the dream of…

"A giant step forward in the dream of collaborating on Obsidian notes with others...[via] Stashpad Docs — a web-based Markdown editor with shared commenting and review capabilities. An Obsidian plugin allows for exporting Obsidian notes to Stashpad Docs" but:it's one-way - no way from Stashpad back to Obsidian;footnotes aren't …

Google’s New “NotebookLM” Is A Next-Level AI Note-Taking App

"NotebookLM is powered by Google’s latest Gemini language model which supports up to 1 million context window... [you can]:upload documents, create multiple notebooks based on specific topics, and query notes...up to 50 sources per notebook, with each source supporting up to 500,000 words...type questions in the search box, and the AI pulls r…

Let’s call time on ‘Park & Bark’ conference sessions
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How do you extract maximum value from a conference presentation or workshop, both for you, and your audience?

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