Google Bard “Extensions” Are Here

"With Extensions, Bard can find and show you relevant information from the Google tools you use every day... across multiple apps and services."The personal assistant potential looks huge for users of Google services - eg "Give me a summary of my emails today".Moreover, 3rd-party extensions are on the way, starting with Adobe…

bellingcat - Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations - bellingcat
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for most any sophisticated research project, you need additional sites at your disposal — along with a lot of creativity... This guide will walk through detailed strategies to use reverse image search ... Google reverse image search isn’t very good ... the undisputed leader ... Yandex... runners-up Bing and Google ... Yandex's strengths l…

23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media
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At Buffer, we create all the images for our blogposts and social media sharing without any outside design help. We rely on a handful of amazing tools and resources to get the job done, and I’ll be happy to share with you the ones we use and the extras that we’ve found helpful or interesting. - 23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social …

The Science of Storytelling Through Facebook Images
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Every brand, every company, and every person has a story to tell, and visual storytelling is a very effective way of sharing your brand’s message and engaging with your customers. - The Science of Storytelling Through Facebook Images

Buffer's Image Creation Tool
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"Images with text over them ... do make a post more enticing to your followers or friends... Buffer's Pablo, which creates these images, out of beta." - Buffer Officially Launches its Image Creation Tool Pablo

Rethinking photo-based storytelling

"Since Taylor launched an earlier version of the site at The Boston Globe in 2007, In Focus has known for longform photo storytelling, featuring huge, high-quality images.... If you’re pandering to social media, if you’re going for clickbait, it cuts away at any sort of storytelling." - Q&A: How Alan Taylor, online photography pioneer, is rethin…

Om Malik on the visual web
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"An image is the gateway to your emotional memory... And on the visual web an image is the gateway to accessing almost all content and information... we are adapting to a different kind of a web, one that will be increasingly visual... [but] the only available methods to surface and categorize photos are beyond basic; we need something intuitive…

How to Use Visual Content on Social Media
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" four ways to use visual content to expand your reach and improve social media results" Pretty standard stuff, but "3. Convresation starters" should be used more. - How to Use Visual Content to Improve Social Media Results

I want to post 4 images in a particular order

"I want to post 4 images in a particular order, and there doesn't seem to be anyway of doing it!"

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