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AI hype is over. AI exhaustion is setting in.

AI hype is over. AI exhaustion is setting in.

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A very sceptical take on "Google’s snorefest of an I/O presentation" and the current point in "the latest hype cycle... how exhausting the whole thing has become a year and a half after the release of ChatGPT".

The days of being on the inevitable path to AGI because Silicon Valley had "thrown so much capital and compute" are long gone, yet "the leaders of this AI push are getting lost in their own fantasies", such as OpenAI "getting its tools to “perform the part of an intelligent machine”, rather than actually being one.

The AI bubble is deflating as "major cloud providers are tamping down the expectations ... in part because the chatbots are still making a ton of mistakes... still haven’t figured out how they’re going to make money ... as resource demands are escalating".

There are apparently "five stages of financial bubbles... AI is between stages three and four: euphoria and profit-taking... The fifth stage — panic".

Which is not to say the companies "aren’t still trying to expand their power over how we used digital technology", between Google's Search Generative experience and ChatGPT's voice assistant.

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