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Why the world is full of bullshit jobs - Vox

Why the world is full of bullshit jobs - Vox

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"Do you have a job that you secretly believe is pointless?... you have a “bullshit job.”", and so do "millions of ... clerical workers, administrators, consultants, telemarketers, corporate lawyers, service personnel...".

We built enough tech to free us, but instead "we’ve invented a whole universe of futile occupations that are professionally unsatisfying and spiritually empty... manufactured middle-management positions with no real utility"

How can you spot one? "If it went away tomorrow, it would make no difference."

Meanwhile important jobs are either badly paid or unpaid (caregiving labor).

How is this possible in a free market economy? "huge political pressure to create jobs"

How to change the system so they disappear? Basic income and a "rebellion of ... the “caring class,” people who care about others and justice ... a new social movement and change what we value in our work and lives"

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