1000x one part of yourself
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"My advice: Jump headfirst into AI with everything you’ve got."

The Jellyfish and the Flatworm. A Story About AI Strategy
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Is your organization more like a jellyfish or a flatworm?The author's "Jellyfish and Flatworm story has been remarkably effective at helping ... [executives] visualize the impact of AI on their customers, their products, and their employees... this story is about why Knowledge Representation (KR) must be the core of any cost-effective lo…

7 Harsh Truths about running online communities
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many organisations are not content to simply run a website, they want to run an online community too... I continually see the same mistakes...the harsh realities of running an online community [are] ... Community is about people and relationships, not technology. The technology is the easy part... it also takes commitment.... months to get off the…

Saying no to more good ideas » Nieman Journalism Lab
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many teams ... have become obsessed with ... being agile ... But agile is not a strategy — it is a capability... cannot permanently affect ... competitive position unless there’s a strategy behind it... constant cycles of optimization... offers little more than diminishing returns... not considering the opportunity costs ... A good idea is not the…

Don’t Mistake Execution for Strategy
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managers often confuse a strategy’s design with its execution. Recognizing the difference between these two will have a major and positive impact... Strategy design involves detailing positions to take on ... strategic factors... decision criteria used by key stakeholders... the position that, for instance, Ford or Toyota as a company takes to woo…

Building six departments for four companies

A brief summary of my experience in building company structures and supporting processes, role definitions, etc.

Coming home…to strategy
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embracing and sharing the power of communication strategy much more broadly to help drive results and performance... supporting practitioners and clients to rediscover communication strategy as a source of real advantage.... the opportunities available to use targeted, intelligent approaches to getting the right people talking with the right info…

Download the open-source Platform Design Toolkit 2.0
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New tools are needed to help organizations leverage on the power of ecosystems and enable participation of external entities in the business process. That’s what the Platform Design Toolkit is for: design systems that create much more value than they capture and motivate everybody to join.

An interview with Vice's social media team
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someone that saw a Facebook native video had a higher likelihood of clicking on a link post in the near future ... we look at top performing articles and then see if we can turn them into short form videos for Facebook... we strive to be original storytellers... We understand what the mission is. It’s not just to get views... it’s always to be tel…

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marketing Communications
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A communications strategy answers the question, “Why are we doing these activities?”... if you’ve been doing customer discovery and using the value proposition canvas, you know a lot about each customer/ beneficiary.

Integrating IT, internal and external communications for META Ventures
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META Ventures provides venture capital fund management, entrepreneurial training and innovation consultancy to cities, regions and national governments in several countries, as well as EU Institutions.

Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap
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Paul Leinwand, co-author of the book Strategy That Works, explains how successful companies solve this thorny problem.... the second problem is that often, strategy and execution are managed in very different areas of the company... And if you separate those activities, then you really risk not executing the very important things that are going t…

No one should have the word ‘strategy’ in their job title
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the distance between strategy and execution is unfathomably wide for most businesses and executives... Strategy people too often have ideas that aren’t rooted in the reality of the operations. And operations people too often aren’t invested in executing the plans that the strategy people craft for them.... saying a specific individual is responsi…

Why Your Brilliant Content Strategy Doesn't Stand A Chance
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Any strategy that doesn't take the ability to execute is a lousy strategy to begin with. Strategy is not a game of chess, but depends on operational capacity... simply tacking on publishing functions to their existing operations without implementing any new processes or practices ... is a grave mistake.... The ongoing conversation with the audie…

Mobile content, language tech & communication strategy (Top3ics, 21 March)

The main Topics this time are language technology, mobile innovation and EU communications, with a few extras to catch-up since the last edition.

Institutional communications: strategy & tactics

I’ve just spent a few days running the Discovery phase of a new project to further develop the communication strategy of an EU Institution, with a particular focus on retooling its online, social media and publications tactics. Apart from focusing on developing a new information architecture, I’m running the overall project. This means not only en…

Tested & approved: communication strategy development process

I’m now at to the point where I can spend a few days interviewing key people in an organisation to develop a complete communication strategy.

Introducing the Digital Marketing Canvas

The DMC is a practical guide to develop a strategy to accelerate business growth. It's made for anyone in the company to get around the table. Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, Sales,... It's a tool of co-creation. Brainstorming as a starting point, the digital strategy is the finish line. As you go to through the process you'll lea…

Blogging & CRM strategy development for Drop’pin
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The EC set up Drop’pin to help young people find training, apprenticeship and intern opportunities across Europe. I did some content marketing (blogging, enewsletter, social media support) and developed a global CRM strategy.

A Facebook Page IS NOT a Social Media Strategy
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So, how did this local come by his expertise? Years of work in developing, implementing and managing integrated offline/online marketing strategies... Far-ranging, diverse experience in marketing? Extensive education in social media technologies and how/when/why to use them? Nope. He’s an expert because he has a popular Facebook page, which is …

Launching new framework: The Future of Work
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The framework probably needs some explanation, and I intend to both refine and provide more detailed explanations of the framework in the near future. In the meantime, here is our Beta v1 of The Future of Work framework. - Launching new framework: The Future of Work - Trends in the Living NetworksTrends in the Living Networks

Time to integrate Innovation into your Comms strategy
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Any decent Communication Strategy will integrate offline, online, internal and external communications. But what about your organisation's Innovation Strategy?

11 Strategic Tips to Cultivate Relationships Online
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"sometimes organizations get so caught up in showing off their use of social media tools that they forget that those tools have a purpose – strengthening the relationship between an individual and your organization. A healthy social strategy includes both content created to get new folks in the engagement funnel AND to strengthen the “passion-c…

How asking the right questions will deliver the best results

"When starting a new [internal] communication project, asking the right questions of your customer sounds like a no-brainer. But are your questions right? ... Richard shares his method of developing the right questions to deliver the best results –  to start your IC projects right." - The power of critical thinking: How asking the right questio…

Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation
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The 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte identifies strategy, not technology, as the key driver of success in the digital arena. Conservative companies that avoid risk-taking are unlikely to thrive - and they'll also lose talent ... The ability to digitally reimagine the b…

Raising your Digital Quotient

"By evaluating 18 practices related to digital strategy, capabilities, and culture, we have developed a single, simple metric for the digital maturity of a company... its Digital Quotient. This survey reveals a wide range of digital performance in today’s big corporations... a strong and adaptive culture can help make up for a lack of technica…

Why hyper-distributed Reported.ly still decided to make a website

Because everyone needs a Hub to call their own: "its own space to follow stories at a less frenetic pace ... readers can find collections of stories on topics ... incorporate a variety of mediums. Embedded tweets, videos, and Facebook posts are mixed in with text... The website is aggregation-heavy. Some pieces are roundups; other posts allow t…

3 Ways To Remain Creative In A World Of Big Data
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Distributed intelligence means you need to find a social process, not a data-driven solution... You cannot outsource leadership to your analytics group. - Thinking Small: 3 Ways To Remain Creative In A World Of Big Data | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce

Pervasive Community, Data, Devices and Intelligence
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"the whole point of digital transformation is realizing that technology fundamentally changes how you do business in just about every way. It therefore poses very difficult questions to business and technology leaders: Who best should do our work today? Where does the value come from? What do these new ways of working actually look like? How c…

Marketing is now a way of business
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"the future of marketing is screwed ... We're still taking legacy thinking and outdated value systems and applying them to this new world of innovation... all this amazing technology, all the data you can leverage ... Marketing becomes a true reflection of an always-on society by recognising that it’s not a department. Marketing is now a way of b…

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