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Folio: How Notetaking Becomes Knowledge

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consilience is "the aspiration that the cross-pollination of ... perhaps initially unrelated snippets [of knowledge] can lead to spontaneous and unforeseen breakthroughs", but just downloading a notetaking app is not enough.

"Folio is a system to accomplish that aspiration in Obsidian... a consolidation of many aspects of Obsidian’s notetaking capabilities... also a set of principles and practices intended to support the development of ... networked notetaking".

The Obsidian-based infrastructure is, I suspect, more customisable than the "ultrastructure of practices (and the principles animating them) that builds on the base infrastructure of Obsidian’s digital artifacts... [this] ultrastructure is based on what I call frame rate and frameworks".

Frame rate is all about time, as "Folio relies quite heavily on flows like daily, weekly, and monthly notes", while projects vary in duration from short-term to effectively immortal, hence "two sorts of project Kanbans ... to manage".

Complementing frame rate is framework, but this is not explained before he dives into some super-specific markdown examples which taught me little, particularly as I'm not a fan of Obsidian Kanban or graph view. Disappointing, but it's one part of a whole - maybe other instalments will be more useful.

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