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How I Launch Profitable Online Courses In Just 5 Days

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"A winning course idea is never about a topic — it’s about a problem that needs to be solved... Whenever I solve a problem for myself or a client... turn it into a course" and position it: "Find one unique angle to your course and make it stand out".

Create a step-by-step blueprint: "clear, logical sequence to help students achieve the desired outcome":

  • respect the positioning: it ensures boundaries between what to include and not
  • dump it all onto a mindmap
  • rearrange them "into a cohesive linear flow of 4–9 core steps that will take someone from stuck to solution... each step logically leads to the next... This mindmap [also] becomes the primary visual reference for recording the course"
  • "Create the marketing material... a few launch emails and a sales page... [as] I usually find compelling arguments by writing about it...
    • Identify the desire/opportunity: Why should students care about the course topic?
    • Explain the problems/obstacles holding them back: What’s the issue with the “mainstream methods”?
    • Introduce my unique course as the solution: What makes my method unique?
    • Provide an overview of the course and what’s included: How will this course help you specifically?
  • record the course: "open the mindmap I used to brainstorm the course and record my screen commenting on it", taking ~3h

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